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Christmas in July! Fragrant No-Bake Gingerbread Ornaments

I admit it! I am enjoying Christmas in July!  Yes, the Hallmark Channel is on while I am doing my chores and I am watching old favorites and a couple of new Christmas movies.  It is a nice break from the 100+ degree temperatures that we are enduring.  I was watching "Home and Family" one day last week and saw a segment on Gingerbread Christmas ornaments that former First Lady Michelle Obama used to decorate the White House. I have a "kitchen tree" each Christmas that I decorate with candy and cake ornaments and they looked perfect for the theme.  So I went looking for the recipe.

I could not find the recipe on the "Home and Family" site, but found several with varying amounts of three, yes only three, ingredients.  Super easy to make, they literally last forever and smell wonderful! 

Before I begin with the recipe, I must state that you cannot eat these cookies! They smell divine, but contain glue so they are inedible. 

Cinnamon-Applesauce Ornaments
1 cup app…

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