Happy Birthday Dad!

Today we wound down our Celebration Season after a series of birthdays, anniversaries, etc, with a party to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  

Of course, I made a cake.  I tried a couple of new things this time.  Instead of decorating with fondant I created pennant for the cake which matched the one I made for decoration. 

Both were made with my Cricut and the "Pretty Pennants", "Life's a Beach" and "Everyday Fonts" cartridges. The cake banner was made from pennants about 1 1/4 inch long and strung with baker's twine between two bamboo skewers. By contrast, each
decorative pennant was 5 inches long and strung with 1/2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon. 

I also decided to make the cake stand.  A few months ago we rescued a pallet from a neighbor who was tossing it out. I knew from DIY shows and Pinterest that there are all sorts of interesting things you can do with the wood.  I finally got around to cutting it up last week and because of the strange way it was nailed together, some of the pieces had to be cut shorter than others.  

Somehow, that short stack of wood, grayed through exposure to the elements, began to resemble a pier and my mind made that strange leap to a cake stand. 

You see, my dad has spent most of his life living on the water with boats and by extension, piers.  So, it made sense, in my mind, to build a stand for his birthday cake to resemble a little pier.  I stacked three pieces of wood with a small gap between them, attached them to a 2x2 beneath and added two cleats on each side. 

Dad suggested that it could also be used as a trivet.  That will work too! 

A great big Thank You! to my husband for help with the saws and screws.  I really need to work on my tool skills.  

I hope that you will enjoy your last week of summer!  Thanks for stopping by! 



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