National Coffee Day- September 29!

I admit it, I am late to the coffee game.  Unlike most people, I got through my young adult life, including college and even law school, without drinking coffee. I have only recently begun to realize the joys of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to jump start my life.  I still prefer the sugary, chocolate-y goodness of a mocha or Frappucino, but I am beginning to appreciate a "big girl" cup of coffee to warm up a chilly morning or as a cup of comfort on a stressful day.  Ironically, it was my daughters who got me started on this coffee kick- unlike me, they learned to appreciate a good cup of java during their college years.

Obviously I am not the only one with such an appreciation- there is even a  National Coffee Day which this year falls on Tuesday, September 29.

Here are a few of the observations:

Krispy Kreme Donuts is giving out a free original glazed donut and a free 12 oz cup of coffee at its participating locations. Find out the details here.

Dunkin Donuts is giving away a free small hot or iced coffee via the Dunkin' App and is offering package coffee and K-cups packs for special prices on September 28 and 29. See details here.

WaWa- free cup of your favorite coffee.  Details are here.

The barista at my local Starbucks was not sure what they are doing and I can't find anything definitive online, so you may want to check with your favorite location.

Speaking of Starbucks- have you tried ordering your coffee through their app?  It is amazing.  You click on  "Order" at the upper right hand side of the app screen.  It will use location services to find your local Starbucks and once you order will tell you how long it will be before your coffee is ready for you to pick up. You walk in and it is sitting there waiting for you!  If your local Starbucks is as busy as mine is, it is a definite time saver!  (Plus, I feel so special just walking in and not having to wait in line!).

Despite loving the coffee at Starbucks and even Chic-Fil-A, there is nothing like having a great cup at home.  I love my Keurig for that.  The K-cups measure just the right amount of coffee (or tea or mocha) to make the perfect cup.

Shortly after I purchased my Keurig I started looking at all of those K-cups that I was throwing away. I knew that there had to be something that I could use them for.  I recently found a crafty solution in this month's issue of Real Simple. You can find it here.

You simply remove the cover and clean out the leftover grounds once the cup has brewed, slightly enlarge the hole in the top and put it over a light in a string of  holiday lights. This would be a great project for kids. (An adult would have to cut the hole in the top.)  They can make ghost faces with markers or, as my daughter suggested, paint the cups orange and make them jack o' lanterns.  For Christmas, you could paint them silver and turn them into bells.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope that you have a Happy National Coffee Day!



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