Transitioning to Thanksgiving

I hope you had a fun Halloween! I sure did!   Each year the number of trick or treaters in my neighborhood seems to be growing larger and that is so nice to see! 

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Halloween "season", I got up early on Sunday morning and began the transition to Thanksgiving.  I am one of those people who refuses to let Thanksgiving get lost in the move from Halloween to Christmas.  I just like to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, friends, family and food that this season entails.  The message of "THANKSgiving" is not lost on me either and is becoming more important as I grow older. 

Around here we are blessed with a beautiful fall.  It has been raining the past couple of days, but the weather has been mild.  The leaves are just about to reach peak, but even as they are turning to beautiful shades of red, gold and brown, we are also able to enjoy beautiful flowers still in bloom.  These hydrangeas are from my yard and there are more on the bush just starting to blossom.  I was working on a fall tablescape on my deck here, but had to stop when it started to rain. That's okay- it is going to be sunny and 80 degrees tomorrow! (Just one more thing for me to be thankful for!)

You may remember my Halloween mantlescape in my Halloween House Tour post.  

Just a few quick changes- moving the gargoyles, grave and spiders with their web and adding pilgrims, more leaf garland, a banner and the cute pumpkin candles and Ta Da! we are ready for Thanksgiving! 

How cute are these candles! They are from TJ Maxx, but even more special are the candle holders.  They are on loan from my Mom and they were a first anniversary gift from her sister, my aunt, over fifty years ago!  How cool is that! 

As I mentioned in my Halloween tour post, I have a tendency to go overboard with decorating.  I won't bore you with all of it!  

This pumpkin is another example of the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  Just change the ribbon and we are done!  This is a faux pumpkin (Funkin) that I personalized with my last initial, of course made with my Cricut on vinyl.  Looking at it here on the screen, I'm thinking that the ribbon is a little big.  

Of course, it is holiday time and I am planning treats for the occasion. 

Last night I put together these little acorns. I found the directions for these (or something similar) online a couple of years ago at here.  They are very simple to make. Just add Hershey's Kisses to mini vanilla wafers with icing (the original post used mini Nutter Butter Bites).  I also changed it slightly by using a mini chocolate chip to the top for the stem.  I noticed a similar recipe on my Pinterest feed this morning, also using the vanilla wafers, but using different flavors of Kisses.  (I wanted to find out more and give credit, but the link was broken).  I have also seen pieces of pretzel sticks and drops of frosting used as stems. I think I will use them as cupcake toppers with mini leaves made of fondant, but I am still exploring the possibilities!  Stay tuned! 

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