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National Coffee Day- September 29!

I admit it, I am late to the coffee game.  Unlike most people, I got through my young adult life, including college and even law school, without drinking coffee. I have only recently begun to realize the joys of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to jump start my life.  I still prefer the sugary, chocolate-y goodness of a mocha or Frappucino, but I am beginning to appreciate a "big girl" cup of coffee to warm up a chilly morning or as a cup of comfort on a stressful day.  Ironically, it was my daughters who got me started on this coffee kick- unlike me, they learned to appreciate a good cup of java during their college years.

Obviously I am not the only one with such an appreciation- there is even a  National Coffee Day which this year falls on Tuesday, September 29.

Here are a few of the observations:

Krispy Kreme Donuts is giving out a free original glazed donut and a free 12 oz cup of coffee at its participating locations. Find out the details here.

Dunkin Donuts is giv…

Happy Fall Ya'll!

It is finally Fall!  While reluctant to leave the warm sunshine of summer, I welcome the beautiful colors, fun events and holidays that come with autumn.  

On the first day of fall my daughter and I decided to celebrate the season by a trip to the local farm stand.  While they were not all in yet, they had some beautiful pumpkins on display.  The day was gloomy and the skies were threatening rain, but who cannot be cheered by these beautiful colors!

Check out these amazing gourds.

I just had to photograph this amazing specimen: 

I wish now that I had brought him home.  He would be an interesting beginning to a beautiful fall centerpiece.  Oh well, maybe he will be there when I go back to get my pumpkins next week. 

There are certain flavors that mean fall to me.  Of course, one of them is pumpkin, but another is apple butter.  When I saw an Apple Butter Pound Cake on the cover of  the September edition of "Southern Lady" magazine, I knew that I had to give it a try. 

Southern Lady…

A Potent Potable for Pirates

We had a beautiful weekend- perfect weather for a "Talk Like a Pirate" Deck Party!  

Of course, any respectable Pirate has his favorite "grog."  I think we found the perfect choice for a late (late!) summer Pirate Celebration.  As I mentioned in my post on the Flamingo Drink, my cousin and I are big Clinton Kelly fans.  When she found and forwarded to me a Grown up Root Beer Float recipe I knew it would be the perfect drink for our deck party! 

Clinton Kelly's Rum Root Beer Float Recipe
3 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream 1  1/2 oz spiced rum Root Beer "to top off" 
In a chilled glass add the ice cream and then pour in the shot of rum. Top off with root beer.  
We really enjoyed this version of the much beloved root beer float.  This is easily adaptable for children (delete the rum) or those with who are watching their sugar (no-sugar added ice cream and diet root beer, delete the rum).  We had Pirates who drank the children's and sugar free options and they were…

Ahoy! It's National Talk like a Pirate Day!

Avast ye Scalawags and Landlubbers! Saturday is National Talk like a Pirate's Day! So you know me- I have to celebrate!  

I have lived almost my entire life in an area where pirates sailed the waterways.  I grew up on stories of Blackbeard who plied the waters near my home and whose Queen Anne's Revenge was recently discovered shipwrecked down the coast a little way. (He also came to an infamous end not too far from here- that is an ugly story I will not be sharing in this blog!)   Captain Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite movie characters of all time and who would not love the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disney World? 
I am pretty sure that I was a Pirate in a previous life.  Not the pillaging and plundering type, but the sailing the Seven Seas, and the wintering in the Caribbean, Pirate Princess kind of pirate. So this is where I found the inspiration for my own little Pirate Party in anticipation of "Talk Like a Pirate Day". 

Of course, where there …

Happy Grandparent's Day!

I was blessed to grow up with three of my four grandparents.  I wish that I had known my paternal grandfather better, he passed when I was quite young, and I would have loved for my children to have known all of my grandparents.  How spoiled they would have been! 

But seriously, as a youngster you never really appreciate the wisdom that those who come before you can share.  I wish that I had listened a little closer to the stories and I really wish that I had watched while my Southern grandmothers cooked!  In the South food is a way to show love and my grandmothers apparently really loved their families! 

While I will never be able to make biscuits like my Great Grandmother (that takes a special touch that is apparently not passed down to Great Grandaughters!) and I can't seem to find my Nana's pickle recipe (I have nothing against store bought, but there is no comparison to a homemade pickle!), my Mom and I have been trying to replicate my Grandma's recipe for Pistachio Cak…

Five Fall Faves

While I hate to see summer go, fall is almost here!    The weather is still warm in my section of the country, at the very least through October, so we can still get out and enjoy all of the things that make this area a great place to live.  The tourists have mainly gone home so we can again enjoy our beaches, museums and other attractions and traffic becomes a little less rushed.  It really is a wonderful time of the year. 

With fall's imminent arrival I began thinking about the season ahead and my "must haves" to enjoy this beautiful season:  

1.     Pumpkin Anything- I may have jumped the gun a little bit, it is a little early in the season, but I had a Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin spiced doughnut over the weekend. With a cup of iced coffee, it was divine. I also love to burn pumpkin candles during the season.  The Pumpkin Cinnamon from Bath and Body Works is a favorite. I have to confess however, the Pumpkin Spice Latte that everyone is so crazy about is a little too intense …

Back to School, Part Two

It is Labor Day weekend and the kids around here are getting ready to go back to school on Tuesday. As I mentioned in my first back to school post here, my girls have moved on to college and beyond, but I still love this time of year and I wish those students returning to school (and their teachers!) a Happy First Day of School and a Wonderful School year! 

This card was created for a dear friend who is teaching pre-school for the fist time this year.  I used my Cricut (of course) with the Doodle Charms and Everyday Fonts cartridges. The frame I made myself. I am not good at mitering corners! 

I made this card for my cousin who is entering the 5th grade at a school with a bear mascot.  Again, I used the Doodle Charms and Everyday Fonts, along with the Create a Critter Cartridge.  The school supplies pictured are going to be donated to a school supply drive. 

Since I was working (playing) in my craft room anyway I decided to refurbish this old wreath that I used to use to decorate for the…

Summer's Last Hurrah Tablescape and Cocktail

I have to admit, as much as I love fall, I'm having trouble letting go of summer.  I know- summer isn't officially over for another three weeks or so, but really, after Labor Day, it is for all intents and purposes, done. So tonight I decided to put together a beachy tablescape on the deck for dinner.

I've had these shell plates for years.  They were at T.J. Maxx (still are on occasion) and the backs read "Blue Skye".  I just love the detail on the salad plate. 

For the centerpiece I placed shells we have gathered over the years on a platter that looks like the plates, but is labeled Target.  I found a glass cylinder candle holder and tied some recycled raffia on it.  I then hot glued one of our shells to it.  I then added a candle and a string of pearls (when is it ever not time to add pearls?). 

What is a summertime dinner without a special cocktail? I found this recipe not too long ago and thought that now is the perfect time to give it a try.  Unfortunately, by…