It's Shark Week!

Once again, it is that time of year when the world slows down just enough to celebrate the majesty and excitement that is the SHARK!  You may remember from my Shark Week post last year, I am quite a fan of these magnificent creatures.  

For example, did you know that the Epaulette Shark can "walk" on the ocean floor?  It's strong pectoral fins allow it to "run" away when it is frightened. The Wobbegong Shark looks like a giant carpet patterned the same as the sand on the bottom of the ocean.  It burrows down and can sneak up on its prey without being seen.  The Pygmy Shark is only about eight inches long fully grown!

Anyway, I could bore you with shark facts all week, but I won't.  I would rather talk about cupcakes! 

The cupcake toppers are from  They are actually little water squirters.  Perfect for the pool or beach!  The cupcakes are just white cake with a little blue food coloring mixed into the cake as well as the icing. And blue sugar sprinkles of course!  

My Shark Week pennant was looking a little worn out after several years of use, so I created another to hang along my fireplace mantel. The pennants were cut from the Cricut cartridge, "Pretty Pennants" and the Sharks are from "Life is a Beach".  Tip: I attached Command Hooks under the edge of my mantel to help hang pennants, lights and even stockings.  They are out of sight and always there whenever I want to hang something.  

So what else is going on for Shark Week? 

The Shark Week programming is on the Discovery Channel.  Nat Geo Wild is also having its Shark Fest this week.  Check your local listings. 

Cold Stone Creamery is once again doing its Shark Week Frenzy Ice Cream- yummy cool melty goodness on a hot summer evening!  They also have a Great Blue Cupcake which looks delicious.  See more information here.

7-11 has a Blue Raspberry Slurpee with special promotional Shark Week cups and straws. At least, they are supposed to!  I started checking with my local stores about a month ago and they were sold out already!  They do have special donuts in stock though.  For more information, click here

I hope that you are having a fin-tastic week!  Thanks for stopping by today! 



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