Through the Looking Glass with Alice

This past weekend the Disney movie Alice Through the Looking Glass opened in theaters.  While I have not seen the movie yet, I was inspired by the trailer to show you the Alice in Wonderland cake that I made for my daughter's birthday last year.   

It had been several years since I had read the books in full, but I did some research and re-read parts of the book in order to come up with the characters and other features of the cake.  On this view you can see the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat on top of a cake layer which is made of the Mad Hatter's hat.  You also see his watch, the Queen of Hearts and her teapot.  

The first layer of the cake was covered with a chessboard "tablecloth".  Around the cake I made fondant "signs" which had sayings from the book.  (Please forgive the potato chip bag in the bag- I wasn't blogging then and didn't pay as much attention!) 

The tablescape, (another not great picture!) was comprised of a teapot, some Alice teacups, a chess board, and illustrations of the characters that I framed.  

This cake was a lot of fun to imagine and create.  I am glad that I went through my pictures to find these- it reminds me how much I enjoy creating special cakes and inspires me for those occasions I am baking for this summer! 

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing these memories with me! 



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