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Have a Fab-Boo!-Lous Halloween!

I had a great time making this ghost cake.  It was so simple and turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself! 

I made this cake using this Nordic Ware pan I bought on clearance at Williams Sonoma last year.  I first told you about it in my Halloween post last October. 

I usually don't like to admit when I use a cake mix for my cakes, but on Saturday I saw a big-time chef on a cooking show use one for his Halloween pumpkin cake. So I decided that it was perfectly okay for me to use a pound cake mix for this project.  Whenever you use a mold like this, particularly one that stands up, be sure to use a sturdy cake, like a pound cake, to be sure that it doesn't fall in on itself.  

Once the cake was baked, I frosted the back of both sides, placed the two halves together and stood the cake up on my cake board.  After covering the cake with a light layer of frosting (in the spirit of a full confession- canned frosting!), I then draped fondant over the top.  I smoothed the fondant ove…

"Faboolous" Fright Night Card

Even though I made my card several days ago, it has been such a crazy week here at Gardenias and Glitter that I almost forgot to post my submission to the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge! This week, the designers at that fabulous blog challenged us with a "Fright Night" theme.  

Now, it might sound a little strange, but I am not really into scary Halloween.  I prefer my Halloween frights to be on the cute side, so I went straight to my Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge to put together this "frightful" scene. (I am surprised how much I use that cartridge!)  

Our little witchy poo seems to be shocked that her conjuring stirred up these frightful ghosts (I think her frog familiar may have been too!)  She appears to be more of a glamorous witch than a scary one- note the "jewels" on her hat and matching scarf and shoes! 

So I will be joining the designers over at the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge.  Click on the link to see some of the amazing and frightful creations the…

Haunted Lab Tablescape

We enjoyed our Halloween tablescape last week so much that we decided to create one more before the big day. (And once more outside while the weather is still so pretty!)

At this table, witches and warlocks stopped their evil spell-making long enough to enjoy a working lunch. The wicked ingredients that they use for their potions have all been pushed to the center of the table.  

    Oh No! Snakes and spiders have escaped from their bottles! 

What good can possibly come from bottles of bone powder, snake venom and tarantula legs? 

I don't even want to know what the evil witches had planned for that syringe!

Even the witches couldn't keep the candle lit this windy day.  

They each had a special plate with a spooky message. 

What happened to this poor guy? 

The bottles are in actuality upcycled olive oil and aspirin bottles painted black.  The labels were designed by Lia Griffith and can be printed from her website here.  Be sure to stop by and see her spooky creations. 

The spider and s…

Halloween Playlist

It's almost Halloween and we are setting the mood here at Glitter and Gardenias with a spooky and cool, playlist! 

I'm not talking about scary creaky Haunted House sounds with screams and thunder, just good old everyday songs that could be interpreted to have a spooky theme- not too scary, family friendly and won't drive parents crazy!

Thriller, Michael Jackson 1982: Any good Halloween playlist has to start with Thriller.  And you have to watch the video at least once every Halloween.  

Monster Mash, Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, 1962.  This one seems to be a favorite of kids.  

Ghostbusters, Ray Parker, Jr. 1984. The theme to the original (and best, in my opinion) Ghostbusters movie, is not only appropriate for the holiday, but brings back a lot of nostalgia these days now that the second movie has come out. Why not have a movie marathon during the Halloween season and watch both?  

Frankenstein, Edgar Winter Group, 1973.  This is an entirely instrumen…

Happy Halloween Tablescape

I love polka-dots.  They make me happy. So does Halloween, beautiful fall weather and the fact that my oldest daughter is visiting.  With that in mind, I decided to enjoy a happy little Halloween dinner on the deck. It has been a long time since I posted a table scape and I want to share this simple little happy table.  

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed up the remaining yardage of this polka dot fabric from Walmart, of all places.  I wish I had bought more when it first came out.  It is perfect for a Halloween tablecloth, quilting or a number of other projects I can think of.  

This candelabra came from Target. I had a difficult time finding Halloween taper candles, finally stumbling upon them at Michaels (for 50% off!).  Again, I should have shopped in August, there were more options available then, but I really like the orange with black stripes. (Somebody remind me next year!) I made the witch hat last year (you can see that on my Halloween Eve post here.) There was quite a breeze on…

Time for Tailgates!

I am thrilled that my Dukes are 6-1 overall and 4-0 in conference this season!  We are smack-dab in the middle of fall and football season (hopefully a winning one!) and what better way to celebrate both than to make team pumpkins! 

To make my JMU Dukes pumpkin I started with a white faux pumpkin that I bought at Michaels (don't forget your coupon!) but you can find them just about anywhere these days- Target, Walmart, even Lowe's. Well, you could find them last week, now the stores seem more concerned about Christmas! 

I primed and painted the pumpkin.  I know, it was white to begin with, but as you can tell by the color comparison below, it was an off-white.  

Priming may have been overkill, but I didn't want to have to put several coats on.  I used a simple Gesso to prime and a regular acrylic craft paint for the top coat.  Make sure you get a big bottle! 

I then found an image of the school mascot online.  (Be careful of trademark and copyright laws here!) You can also use…

Too Much?

I have been accused by some in my family of going a little overboard in decorating for the holidays.  This afternoon, I realized that it just might be true. It has been a busy time at Gardenias and Glitter and with work, a hurricane and other obligations so I am really just getting around to my Halloween decorating.  When I saw that this week's challenge at the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog is "Pumpkins", I knew just what I needed to finish decorating the bathroom. 

It is possible that I have gone just a little overboard when I decorated the soap dispenser!  

I bought the Target brand liquid "milk and honey" hand soap, primarily because of the yellow pump.  (Bonus- it smells good too!) I thought that would go best with the pumpkin theme.  I then cut the pumpkin from adhesive vinyl with the Cricut "Paper Doll Dress Up" cartridge. For extra embellishment, I cut a second one in green and cut off the vines and stem and added them to the pumpkin. I also …

It's October!

Yes, it is finally October and we are well into fall.  Just because it is 82 degrees outside and there is a huge hurricane barreling in our general direction, there is no excuse not to decorate to celebrate Autumn!  I made it easy for myself when I put together this fall wreath and I thought I would share some quick tips with you as well. 

Start with pre-made arrangements.  These are swags that I picked up from Michaels.  They are available at other craft stores and at places like Walmart as well.  

I cut off most of the "stem" and attached the rest with a glue gun.  Since the swags are so big, I wanted to make sure that they stayed in place. So I also wrapped floral wire around the remaining stem and the wreath.

When I first looked at the "completed" wreath, I thought it was missing something, so I grabbed some magnolia leaves and spray painted them gold.  I got lucky- it's a pretty good match for the leaves that were already there. I was tempted to add some gold…