A Pirate Looks at 50

My oldest (but still younger than me!) brother just turned 50.  He is a boat captain and a Pirate (an ECU pirate, that is!), so when his big birthday came around I knew that I had the inspiration for his cake. 

The boat is my interpretation of the tow boat that he captains.  It is made of krispy rice cereal treats made into a bread loaf pan and sculpted by knife and watermelon scoop. 

In the bow I placed a fondant model of his dog, Pirate, keeping a lookout.  

In the stern is my interpretation of the ECU Pirate mascot captaining the boat, perhaps on the way to rescue a hapless boater.  

I made the pirate flag with my Cricut.  It is the only inedible thing on the cake.  I usually do not put anything on my cakes that cannot be eaten, but couldn't make it work this time.  Oh well, it can be a keepsake! 

It has been a long time since I made a cake.  I discovered that I need to practice! We are on the way to yet another Happy Birthday season in my family, so hopefully I will be granted permission to bake and decorate more cakes and treats for these special occasions.  

So, big Happy Birthday wishes to my brother and many happy returns of the day!  I hope that you enjoyed your cake! 

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  1. Super creative, what a great idea for the 50 year old captain


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