Happy 2017!

So 2016 was not my favorite year and I am not sorry to see it go.  2017 is going to be much better and I look forward to all of its promise! 

Today's project commemorating the new year is a time capsule of sorts.  I saw a similar idea on Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family" show.  They used a clear plastic "paint can" to create a time capsule for 2016, placing souvenirs of their favorite memories in the bucket at the end of the year to open at a later time.  My idea is slightly different.  

As we go through the year, I want to place memories in the can to open at the end of 2017. Movie ticket stubs, photos, notes, cards, fortune cookie fortunes (am I the only one who saves those?) and other memorabilia will be collected as the year passes instead of after it is over.  I hope to have a lot of wonderful memories over the next twelve months to relive next New Year's Eve.

I simply took a metal paint can from Home Depot (you can buy them empty and unused, of course!) and cut out the numbers 2017 on my Cricut.  The trim is washi tape.  The ribbon, which probably won't last long, is left over from an earlier celebration.  The Hallmark project was covered in photos as decoration, but you could also paint it, use stickers, or whatever makes you happy.

Let's raise a toast to the end of 2016 and to a wonderful 2017 ahead! Happy New Year! 

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