Celebrating the Seventies (Degrees, that is!)

I have often said that I am blessed to live in God's country and never more so than this winter. With the exception of a "blizzard" in early January, we have had a very mild winter. As a girl who could easily go the rest of her life without seeing another snowflake, I have been a happy camper this year. 

This weekend has been weather perfection. My car thermometer read 74 degrees as I drove home from the grocery store.  

The flowers are blooming. 

The birds are singing. 

The berries on this bush are amazing!  Oh, and there is a very happy bird on top!

And I am in my preferred footwear.  

Aren't these flamingo flip flops from Old Navy cute?!?

I hope that you are enjoying a little bit of early spring where ever you are today!  Thanks for stopping by! 



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