A Little Cross Cake Perfect for Christenings or Easter!

I was looking through some pictures the other day and realized that I had not shared the Confirmation cake that I did for my cousin.  Since this is once again Confirmation time at many churches, as well as the Easter Season, I thought that this is a great time to share this idea with you.

The cake began with the Wilton Cross Cake pan that I ordered from Amazon. After frosting the cake, I covered it with fondant and trimmed it with blue icing because that happens to be my cousin's favorite color.  (Pro tip: Frost the cake before using fondant, making sure the frosting is the same color as the fondant.) 

For the flowers, tint your fondant and roll it out. This one came from a Wilton flower making kit (I think), but you can use any flower-shaped cookie cutter with five or six petals. 

Once your flowers are cut, cut each petal a little deeper with a knife. 

Flatten the edges of each petal.  It is easier using a ball tool like this one, but your finger will work fine as well. 

In order to form the cup-like shape of the flower, place them in a clean egg container and let them dry.  Depending on the humidity, you may need to let them stay overnight to hold their shape. 

Layer two or three of the flowers on top of each other to create the layers of petals. To add the "jeweled" centers roll a small ball of fondant.  Flatten it and place it in the middle of the flower. If you need "glue", brush a little water (a little bit of water!) on the back of the ball to adhere it to the flower. (Vodka is actually a better adhesive.  It dries more quickly and sticks very well. You do not want to use it if children will be eating the cake.) 

The center of the jewel is a large Sixlet.  It is surrounded by silver dragees.  You can take a walk down the candy aisle of your favorite grocery store or the cake decorating section of the craft store to get ideas for different centers for your flowers.  

This cake is perfect for Bible School, Sunday School, Easter, Christenings, etc.  The flowers are a beautiful (and easy!) addition to any cake for any occasion. 

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  1. Your cake is beautiful!! I love your instructions on how to do the pretty flowers!

    1. Thank you, Karla! They are super easy and can be very pretty!


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