One More Graduation Post- Easy Grad Cake!

I just couldn't leave Graduation Week behind without a cake!  Here is the super easy treat that I made for my daughter's graduation party. 

I didn't think to take pictures of the process for making this cake, but they aren't really necessary.  This is a regular eight inch cake (you could even buy one if you are wish), frosted and then covered in blue fondant (one of her school colors). I frosted a border in white (another school color) around the bottom and then covered it with white roses.  Now, I made these roses, but you can buy them pre-made at your favorite cake supply store (even Michaels and Walmart in the cake section).  They are made by Wilton. 

The graduation cap at the top is cut from black fondant using a cookie cutter.  I added a second layer to mimic the mortarboard, added a gold "tassel", also from fondant.  You can purchase fondant pre-colored, which is nice, because rich blues and black (as well as red) are very difficult to achieve if hand-coloring. You can also buy smaller packets of fondant in different colors if you don't need a large amount. 

The "banner" on the side is simply as strip of fondant curved and shaped at both ends to mimic a banner.  The words are written in food safe markers.  

Thus ends Graduation Season for me!  But with Father's Day, birthdays, Fourth of July and anniversaries in the next few weeks, it's still celebration season!  Stay tuned! 

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