Ready for Chick-fil-A Day- A T'Shirt Transfer Tutorial

July 11 is Cow Appreciation Day at Chic- fil-A.  This means that if you dress in "cow-related clothing" you get free food, usually an entree, from opening until 7.  We love Chic-fil-A in our family, so we have been known to don our Cow fashion and join the free food fun. 

This year I decided to make a T-shirt. I found this cute picture of a cow decorating a cake on a restaurant take-out bag. I thought it would be perfect for me, given my cake decorating hobby.  It had to become my Cow Appreciation Day T-shirt. 

To do this, I began with some Transfer paper, found at Michael's. (I don't have a financial stake in this paper, it was just what they had at my local store.)

Normally, you could take an image like this and copy it onto the paper directly.  Since my printer would not reverse the picture (crucial for this project), I scanned the image and copied it into Paint, flipped the image there and printed it onto the Transfer Paper.   It sounds difficult, but it isn't. 

Scan the image using your printer and scanner application.  
From the application, copy and paste into Paint.  It will look a little like this: 

Click on the "Rotate" button and then the "Flip Horizontal" button. 

That will flip the image so that it will show the right way once ironed on. 

Following the manufacturer's instructions, print the image onto the Transfer Paper. It looks like this when it comes out of the printer.  

Trim the excess paper from the image and then iron, again, according to the Transfer Paper manufacturer's instructions.  This is where it becomes important that you flipped the image so that you can read it when it is ironed on. 

Using different types of transfer paper, you can make "print" on any type of clothing or fabric, such as canvas tote bags.  You can create the image on your computer using such software applications as Paint or your favorite photo site.  I have transferred images of hand-drawn sketches and even photographs.  Kids really enjoy seeing their artwork become a T-shirt for them to wear and display their "master-pieces".

Back to Cow Appreciation Day:  you can find more information about it here

And if you need a little something to wash down that delicious chicken, 7-11 is giving away free Slurpees from 11-7 on 7/11!  There is more information about that here

Have a Happy Cow Appreciation Day and a Happy 7-11! 

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