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Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the Chinese New Year- the year of the Rooster!  

To celebrate, I decided to try something that I have been wanting to do for sometime- make my own Fortune Cookies!  

I found a recipe online and decided to give it a try.  The original came from Of course, I am not good at following directions, so I had to make some changes.  There is a great explanation and photos on if you want to give it a try or need better instructions. While the original recipe said that they were "faster", but they do take some time to make. Since they are not fried, they are more chewy than the traditional ones you will find at your favorite Chinese restaurant, but I really like the almond flavor.  

Easy Fortune Cookies 
2 egg whites 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon almond extract 3 Tablespoons canola oil 1/2 cup flour 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch 1/2 cup sugar Pinch of salt 4 Tablespoons of water  Electric or stovetop griddle, your preference Tablespoon Cutting…

More Snow?

For the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge this week, I posted a tag with a snowflake and promised to show you my next project, which the tag would be attached to.

A few days after Christmas I ventured into Michaels to check out their post-holiday sales.  I found a candy mold and decided to use it for another purpose.  You may remember that this past fall I began making soap, first the pumpkin and then the peppermint.  Well, I have become addicted!  Snow, no matter how I feel about it, seems appropriate for January.  So, wa la- snow soap!

I followed the same procedure that I followed for the last two soap projects, but this time I used clear soap and GLITTER!  That's right!  They make glitter for soap!  I sprinkled a little glitter into the soap after I melted in the microwave and then a little bit more into the mold before I poured the soap in. I wanted to add a little vanilla fragrance, but it added color, and I wanted the soap to be clear so I could see the glitter (even if you cannot …


As a new member of the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog Design Team, it is my pleasure to announce and to participate in this week's challenge!

Challenge #293-Snow
Make a project about Snow!
This Weeks Sponsor 

Pretty Cute Stamps

In order to qualify for the prize, participants must be sure to use at least 1 Cricut cut on a project and if it's not obvious, let us know what cartridge you used. If you use a Cricut Explore machine, at least one cut must be from the Cricut catalog of images.

This week's designs were quite the challenge for me.  Using my new Cricut Explore Air 2 (which I love!) I was able to create some new images of my own design, but the learning curve (for me anyway!) was steep.  I watched a lot of YouTube videos to learn how to do such things as "weld", "attach" "add text" and "score". A great big "Thank You!" to all of the crafters who came before me and are not only creative, but talented enough to produce a…

A Pirate Looks at 50

My oldest (but still younger than me!) brother just turned 50.  He is a boat captain and a Pirate (an ECU pirate, that is!), so when his big birthday came around I knew that I had the inspiration for his cake. 

The boat is my interpretation of the tow boat that he captains.  It is made of krispy rice cereal treats made into a bread loaf pan and sculpted by knife and watermelon scoop. 

In the bow I placed a fondant model of his dog, Pirate, keeping a lookout.  

In the stern is my interpretation of the ECU Pirate mascot captaining the boat, perhaps on the way to rescue a hapless boater.  

I made the pirate flag with my Cricut.  It is the only inedible thing on the cake.  I usually do not put anything on my cakes that cannot be eaten, but couldn't make it work this time.  Oh well, it can be a keepsake! 

It has been a long time since I made a cake.  I discovered that I need to practice! We are on the way to yet another Happy Birthday season in my family, so hopefully I will be granted perm…

Hot Cocoa on a Hot Day

I know- I probably should have made our special hot chocolate during the four (yes four!) days that we were snowed in, but for some reason I didn't think about it.  I made sure that we had plenty of the pre-made stuff in an envelope, but for some strange reason, making this wonderful blend of chocolatey goodness did not occur to me during the "blizzard" of 2017. 

Why am I making it now?  Well, as much as I would like to believe that today's high temperature of 72 degrees will continue throughout the season, I am realistic enough to realize that it won't last.  My girls are going back to school and I want to make sure that they have some of this special blend to take back with them for future "snow days". 

The Best Hot Chocolate Mix
2 cups Nonfat Dry Milk Powder  3/4 Sugar 1/2 cup Cocoa  3/4 cup Mini Chocolate Chip  1/2 cup Powdered Nondairy Creamer Pinch of Salt
Whisk all of the ingredients together in a medium sized mixing bowl until completely blended.  Spoon …

Go Dukes!

I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen as a member of the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog!  You can see my projects and those of other fantabulous crafters at 
The Fantabulous Cricut Challenge website!I am linking up to their page for the "Something New" challenge this week. 

As many of you know, my husband and I graduated from James Madison University.  This weekend, they won the FCS Championship.  We are pretty excited at my house! When I realized when the game was, it was too late for me to order new spirit wear, so of course, I had to make my own.

I turned to my new Cricut Explore Air 2 (Santa was very good to me!).  Using the Extreme Fonts cartridge I linked to the new machine, I put it all together in Cricut Design Space. The T-shirt came from Michaels (less than $3.00 with the coupon!) and the fabric came from the quilt I showed you last time.  

Choosing the "canvas" I wanted, a medium ladies t-shirt, I could choose colors and placement for the de…

Blogging during a Blizzard!

I thought that living beneath near the coast in a Mid-Atlantic state would pretty much mean hurricanes, not blizzards.  But that is not the case today!  

So, I am taking advantage of being snowed in to do a little crafting.  What better project for a blizzard than hand warmers! 

This little project couldn't be easier and they cost less/last longer than some of the handwarmers you find at the stores. 

I started with little squares of leftover fabric.  These happen to be 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch squares.  I used them because they were left over from a previous project- my JMU quilt- appropriate because JMU is playing in the FCS Championship game today!  Go Dukes!  I think if I were cutting them expressly for this project I would cut them a little bigger- 5 inches by 5 inches, but these are perfect for smaller hands, like mine.  

I placed some interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, you could also use fleece, but I think that may be too thick.  You don't really need to line them, but…

Happy 2017!

So 2016 was not my favorite year and I am not sorry to see it go.  2017 is going to be much better and I look forward to all of its promise! 

Today's project commemorating the new year is a time capsule of sorts.  I saw a similar idea on Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family" show.  They used a clear plastic "paint can" to create a time capsule for 2016, placing souvenirs of their favorite memories in the bucket at the end of the year to open at a later time.  My idea is slightly different.  

As we go through the year, I want to place memories in the can to open at the end of 2017. Movie ticket stubs, photos, notes, cards, fortune cookie fortunes (am I the only one who saves those?) and other memorabilia will be collected as the year passes instead of after it is over.  I hope to have a lot of wonderful memories over the next twelve months to relive next New Year's Eve.

I simply took a metal paint can from Home Depot (you can buy them empty and unused, of co…