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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Belated Thanksgiving wishes!  I hope you enjoyed wonderful food, friends, family and fun! 

I sure did!  I apologize for not posting earlier- it was a crazy, hectic time!  

But it was a beautiful day from sunrise to sunset! 
I have so many blessings to be thankful for this year.  I also have so many people to thank for the help and hospitality they shared with me over the past few days. So this morning, I snuck into my craft room and hid out for a couple of hours- just enough time to make some thank-you cards for some special people. 

This card was made with my "Thanksgiving" Cricut Cartridge.  

In this card, the little "Create a Critter" turkey makes another appearance, this time holding a sign to show his (my) thanks for blessings I received over the holiday. 

I thought I would also show you a picture of the final result of the banner I previewed in my earlier post, Thanksgiving, Part One

This is the finished project on the wagon as we get ready to go on our hayride.  …

Thanksgiving Timeout

I know that I told you that I have the utmost respect for the Thanksgiving holiday and that I am not one to jump ahead to Christmas, but I took a break from enjoying the season last night and went to our local Christmas Parade. 

The "Grand Illumination" takes place each year the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  The downtown areas of two local cities, separated by a river, light up their buildings simultaneously. A parade sets off at the same time.   

I am fortunate to be able to enjoy the celebration from the deck of my brother's houseboat. We travel across the river and tie up alongside the parade route to enjoy the festivities.  The above pictures were taken topside as we traveled across the river. Most of us disembark to watch the parade streetside. 

There are balloons. 

And floats. 

And more balloons. 

And fire trucks. 

What Christmas Parade is not complete without Storm Troopers! 

Of course, this guy showed up!  

What is a celebration without food?  Everyone contributes someth…

Pre-Holiday Dinner for Two

This week I have been really trying to remember some of  my post "How to Have a Relaxed Holiday-Hopefully" from a few weeks ago, particularly the part about spending time with loved ones and the fact that I am not Martha Stewart. To that end, I am planning a simple, quiet dinner with my husband this weekend. It will be just the two of us catching up on what has been going on in our lives and looking forward to the holidays ahead. 

I set this table yesterday and have been fretting about the centerpiece, or lack thereof ever since.  I felt like it "needed" something and I went to various stores looking for fall decor to use in the middle. Well, there is nothing and I mean NOTHING in the stores for fall or Thanksgiving. It is all Christmas. But I have now decided that that is okay.  The china, crystal and the rest speak for themselves and the point is to have a lovely dinner with my husband and not to stress about the table.  (Repeat- I am NOT Martha Stewart, I am NOT …

Thanksgiving Projects, Part One- Anything Goes

There is a lot of holiday preparation going on at my house these days, so when I saw the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge theme for the week is "Anything Goes", I knew I had to share a couple of my current crafting projects. 

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is our hayride. 

Every year, after a delicious dinner, we all pile in my brother's trailer, pulled by his tractor, and head down the lane, into the woods and the nearby neighborhood.  There is no hay (allergies!) but there is a lot of laughter, sometimes singing (spirited, if not in tune!) perhaps a toddy or two and a bunch of fun!  We are often escorted by an ATV or Gator and look like a miniature parade. 
A couple of years ago, I decided that we needed a banner to wish a "Happy Thanksgiving!" all of those people who come out of their homes to wave at the crazy people riding by.  So, I got out my Cricut and made two approximately 15 foot banners (one for each side) to send greetings to our neighbors dow…

An Al Fresco Thanksgiving Tablescape

Several years ago I purchased Thanksgiving plates.  In the past I decorated my hutch with them, but they were never used for meals.  This year I am going to change that.  We are actually going to eat off of these beautiful turkey plates that I have been "saving" for years. It all starts with a tablescape. 

Here in Coastal Virginia we are usually  blessed by a warm autumn.  In fact, it was 80 degrees on Friday! After all of the rain we have been having this past week, today's weather is so beautiful I decided to set this table al fresco- out on our deck- where I still try to sit and enjoy at least one meal or coffee break a day when the sun shines. 
I began with this turkey that I borrowed from my Mom (I have been raiding her pantry a lot lately, haven't I?)  I surrounded him fall foliage, this wonderful little pumpkin and some hydrangeas. 

I added the Thanksgiving plates.  The mark on the back says "Queens".  They are from TJ Maxx. The silver was my great aunt…

How to Have a Relaxed Holiday (Hopefully!)

I admit it- I have a moment of panic each holiday season, usually about mid-November. This year I got an early start and had my panic attack the day after Halloween. Don't worry, I'm okay! But I was briefly overwhelmed at all that "has to be done" in the next six or seven weeks.   In addition to the holidays, my exam week ends one week before Christmas Day. So besides shopping and out of town visits with relatives, a brief vacation and all of the other expectations of the season, I have to grade papers and post final evaluations during the most hectic week of the holidays. But I know, deep down inside, that it will all get done and it will all be done well and I will have a Merry Christmas (more importantly, so will my family).  I just seem to have to stress about it a little bit first.

So, I thought I might help you to avoid Holiday Panic and enjoy this season as it should be enjoyed by sharing what I try to remember to do beginning in early November and continuing …

Transitioning to Thanksgiving

I hope you had a fun Halloween! I sure did!   Each year the number of trick or treaters in my neighborhood seems to be growing larger and that is so nice to see! 

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Halloween "season", I got up early on Sunday morning and began the transition to Thanksgiving.  I am one of those people who refuses to let Thanksgiving get lost in the move from Halloween to Christmas.  I just like to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, friends, family and food that this season entails.  The message of "THANKSgiving" is not lost on me either and is becoming more important as I grow older. 

Around here we are blessed with a beautiful fall.  It has been raining the past couple of days, but the weather has been mild.  The leaves are just about to reach peak, but even as they are turning to beautiful shades of red, gold and brown, we are also able to enjoy beautiful flowers still in bloom.  These hydrangeas are from my yard and there are more on the bu…