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Back in the Craft Room(?)

Well, as you have probably guessed by now, I did not have an opportunity to create another centerpiece for Thanksgiving (or create anything as a matter of fact!).  It is the end of another semester and between the holidays and all of the school tasks, there simply hasn't been an opportunity to enjoy any of my favorite hobbies.  Hopefully I will wind up my school responsibilities soon and can take some time to relax and craft. (Someone remind me to start my holiday projects in May!) 

I spent a looooooong day grading exams and projects today, but I wanted to make sure that I stayed up late to make this super cute Santa ornament. It seems as though the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog has come to an end and I wanted to make something special for the last post. 

This cut is called "Santa Jingle Bell". It came from the Cricut Design Space but it is actually a Dreaming Tree design.  (Tip: don't buy it through the Cricut site, it is less expensive if you go directly to Dream…

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