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Suddenly, a couple of years ago, I noticed that we had hummingbirds in our yard. They are an amazing sight- tiny little creatures constantly on the move.  Beautiful and so important to our eco-system.  One of them even hovered right in front of me as if to say- "Hey! Feed me!" 

In a scramble to make sure that they had adequate nutrition I ran out to the hardware store and bought a humming bird feeder and some hummingbird "food".  I tried to make sure that I kept the feeder full. It is incredible to see them "eat" whether at our feeder or at a flower. 

One day while relaxing on the deck enjoying a beautiful summer day. I saw a hummingbird hover by the feeder which turned out to be almost empty.  Not having a great deal of motivation to go to the store, but feeling guilty about letting the birds down,  I "Googled" how to make hummingbird food and found out how amazingly easy it is to mix up.  

Here is the "recipe". 

One cup p…

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