Flamingo Cookies and Cocktails!

My cousin/neighbor and I are big fans of The Chew co-host, Clinton Kelly. We are also fond of ice cream and a good summer cocktail.  So, when he posted his recipe for a Pink Flamingo  cocktail and stated that "It might just be the best ice cream cocktail ever!" we knew that we had to try it.  

Of course, you know that I cannot do anything without going a little bit overboard!  So, first there had to be cookies 

and decorations.  

We served the cocktails in the glasses that I glittered and posted about a couple of weeks ago here  

in front of the Flamingo Garden I blogged about here.

Wearing brightly colored pink flamingo inspired outfits.

And finally, cocktails!  The picture on Clinton Kelly's post was certainly prettier than this one (note to self: for beautiful photos of ice cream cocktails don't take them outside at 90 degrees!), but I am sure that mine was equally delicious! 

1 cup vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup creme liqueur (We used Bailey's Irish Cream)
2 TBSP Grenadine Syrup, plus more for garnish
1/4 cup whipped cream (or whipped heavy cream) We used the canned stuff. Clinton lists this as optional.  I do not. 

Blend the first three ingredients.  Divide in two glasses, top with the whipped creme and drizzle with grenadine.  

We first blended a batch without the Bailey's for the two girls who were under twenty-one.  

All agreed that it was delicious!  There was also a consensus that with the Bailey's and the reddish pink color it would be a delicious Valentine's Day cocktail.  

So, is it the best ice cream cocktail ever? The jury is still out, but we all agreed to keep this in the recipe box!  Thanks Clinton for a great cocktail and a great excuse to get together! 

And thank you for stopping by today! 



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