Ahoy! It's National Talk like a Pirate Day!

Avast ye Scalawags and Landlubbers! Saturday is National Talk like a Pirate's Day! So you know me- I have to celebrate!  

I have lived almost my entire life in an area where pirates sailed the waterways.  I grew up on stories of Blackbeard who plied the waters near my home and whose Queen Anne's Revenge was recently discovered shipwrecked down the coast a little way. (He also came to an infamous end not too far from here- that is an ugly story I will not be sharing in this blog!)   Captain Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite movie characters of all time and who would not love the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disney World? 

My husband and I posing with "Blackbeard" at Disney World years ago. 
I am pretty sure that I was a Pirate in a previous life.  Not the pillaging and plundering type, but the sailing the Seven Seas, and the wintering in the Caribbean, Pirate Princess kind of pirate. So this is where I found the inspiration for my own little Pirate Party in anticipation of "Talk Like a Pirate Day". 

Of course, where there are pirates, there is pirate booty.  The centerpiece is a wooden treasure chest from Michael's that I of course glittered.  It looks as though this was a successful treasure hunt as the jewels are overflowing!  

These skull and crossbones plates and silver place mats came from TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago. The cake stand beneath the treasure chest is from TJ Maxx and is labeled "Opulent Treasures".  The black plates are from the Dollar Store. The candlesticks were a lucky find at a church rummage sale several years ago.  The crystal and silver are family treasure. (Apparently this Pirate Princess needs to polish her silver!) The tablecloth came from Target during Halloween several years ago and has served us well for many Halloweens and pirate-themed birthday parties over the years. 

Shiver me Timbers! It looks like our first guest has arrived! I found several helpful websites to help me converse with our pirate friends.  Mango Languages actually has conversation lessons in Pirate Speak.  You may be able to access Mango through your local public library.  I found this English to Pirate Translator if you need more immediate assistance. 

So what to serve our pirate friends?  Here is a really interesting article from National Geographic on historic pirate fare.  I will not be creating a traditional pirate menu! 

While I do not know what to serve our pirate friends for dinner, I do know what to serve them to drink.  So join me again on Sunday to see what I am serving for drinks and desert on National Talk like a Pirate Weekend!

So, in the words of our Pirate friends, "Arrr! Thanks for stoppin' by, ye lads and lasses! I look fore t' seein ye soon! 

`Cynthia, AKA Princess Pirate Cynthia of the Seven Seas

I will be linking up to Tablescape Thursday on Between Naps on the Porch .  Please stop by to see some gorgeous tablescapes posted there! 


  1. What fun! My daughter celebrates this every year. I know she would love your table, as do I. Those plates are wonderful!

  2. Thank you Barbara! I hope your daughter (and you!) enjoy the day!


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