A Potent Potable for Pirates

We had a beautiful weekend- perfect weather for a "Talk Like a Pirate" Deck Party!  

Of course, any respectable Pirate has his favorite "grog."  I think we found the perfect choice for a late (late!) summer Pirate Celebration.  As I mentioned in my post on the Flamingo Drink, my cousin and I are big Clinton Kelly fans.  When she found and forwarded to me a Grown up Root Beer Float recipe I knew it would be the perfect drink for our deck party! 

Clinton Kelly's Rum Root Beer Float Recipe

3 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1  1/2 oz spiced rum
Root Beer "to top off" 

In a chilled glass add the ice cream and then pour in the shot of rum. Top off with root beer.  

We really enjoyed this version of the much beloved root beer float.  This is easily adaptable for children (delete the rum) or those with who are watching their sugar (no-sugar added ice cream and diet root beer, delete the rum).  We had Pirates who drank the children's and sugar free options and they were declared delicious as well! 

We also had Pirate Cupcakes.  They were Devil's Food (Of course! What other kind of cupcake would a Pirate eat?) with a Dark Chocolate frosting. 

They were adorned with a skull and crossbones flags that I made with my Cricut ("Life's a Beach" and "Pretty Pennants" cartridges) and glued on to toothpicks.  Some of the cupcakes had "pearl" sprinkles. They were served on the "Pier Tray" I originally discussed here.  It has really gotten a workout this summer, but what is more appropriate for Pirate fare? 

Our Pirate friend from the Pirate Tablescape showed up again, this time with a sign to greet the guests. I made this sign and others from the same pallet scraps that I used for the Pier Tray and stenciled them with Pirate sayings. 

I would have taken more pictures, but I neglected to account for the late summer sunset which is happening earlier and earlier! By the time the guests had arrived, the sun had set and Tiki torches and candles lit the deck. This led to perfect ambiance for a Pirate Deck Party, but not so great for photography! 

Thank you for stopping by today (I wish I knew how to say that in Pirate speak, but I don't think Pirates said Thank You!) 



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