A Little Spring Cleaning

I am sure that my friends and family members are laughing at the thought of me doing a post on spring cleaning.  Housekeeping is not my favorite thing to do and so I avoid it whenever possible.  It is something that we all have to buckle down and do so I have spent a lot of time trying to find things to make it go faster and easier for me. I thought I would share some of those products with you.  Hopefully your cleaning chores will go faster too!  

My absolute favorite cleaning product is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (There are also generic products in almost every store that work almost as well.) I resisted using this product for so long because I could not believe that it did everything that everybody said it did.  I am so sorry that I waited! This little sponge-like thing, whatever magical substance it is, works wonders on just about every surface and with just about any type of mess!  Just wet the eraser and wipe away food messes, fingerprints, dirt, etc.  Rinse it out periodically as you clean and it lasts almost forever! 

This Scrubbing Bubbles bottle hangs in my shower in a special little hanger. When I finish bathing I press a button and a few seconds later it sprays down the tub area, including the walls.  (Just be sure to close the shower curtain!)  It keeps the area cleaner longer and makes it easier to clean when I have to do so. 

I am trying to cut down on spray cleaners.  The thought of breathing in the chemicals while cleaning in an enclosed space concerns me.  So I keep disinfectant wipes in my bathroom and kitchen to do quick clean ups on a daily basis, saving the sprays for bigger messes and regular cleanings. 

As I mentioned, I don't like to use spray cleaners so I am working my way back to basics like good old vinegar and baking soda.  I used to use them to clean when my children were little- on their high chairs and their toys, especially- anything that their little mouths and fingers would come into contact with.  I have been seeing so many articles (and Pins!) about the wonders of vinegar lately that I have begun using it more again myself.  When you mix the vinegar and baking soda together to make a paste it makes a wonderful little cleaner. You can also put a little vinegar in a spray bottle (available at the Dollar Store, Target, etc.) and spray on weeds in your yard.  It makes an excellent weed killer without the toxic chemicals. 

I love anything Swiffer, especially the Wet Jet (or similar product).  I personally never understood how a mop and a bucket got your floor clean once you put the dirty mop back in the bucket.  Aren't you just redistributing dirt?  With these cleaners you are scrubbing your floor with a fresh cleaning pad and when the pad gets dirty, you put another one on without spreading the dirt around the floor.  Makes sense to me and it is so much easier than dragging a bucket around.  

To quote Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory, "Anything is better with Bluetooth". This goes for cleaning chores too.  My portable Bluetooth speaker picks up my iTunes playlist (another magical thing that I don't understand!) and spreads the musical joy wherever I may be working.  It helps to have a fun playlist of tunes to scrub to.  I may have to do my chores, but that doesn't mean that I can't sing and dance while I do it! 

My shredder is an integral part of any large cleaning project.  I know, you may be saying "Why is an office supply product on a cleaning tip post?"  Don't forget- anything with any personal information should be shredded when disposed of.  This includes those credit card applications you receive in the mail, any old bank statements, old credit cards, or anything that has any personal or financial information on it.   Keep one handy for when you open the mail.  Shred anything you don't need that includes your name, address or other personal data. Don't throw away something that could leave you open to identity theft! 

Crafting tip- when you need some shredded paper to line gift baskets or bags, clean out the old paper and shred some brightly colored craft paper!

Well, I guess I should get back to my chores!  Hopefully I have given you some suggestions to help you with your spring cleaning.  By the way, I am not in any way compensated for recommending these products- just sharing what works for me!

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Spring Cleaning! 



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