May the Fourth be with You!

It has been a hectic exam week here at Glitter and Gardenias, but as a certified (or is it certifiable?) Star Wars geek, I could not let May the Fourth go by without some sort of commemoration.  

So of course, I made a Death Star cake...

I know- the Force destroyed the Death Star, but that is beside the point....

My original plan for this cake was to cover it in fondant and really make it a big deal.  It would have been pretty cool. But the stack of exams and projects that have to be graded this week keeps on growing higher and higher, so I had to compromise- do the cake, but more quickly and not as "fancy" as I would have wanted.  (Maybe next year!)  

I used a Wilton sports ball cake pan.  This is a very versatile shape for everything from basketballs to pumpkins to, well, Death Stars.  When using a shaped pan like this, it is best to use a heavier, more solid cake such as a pound cake. It has been a long time since I did any piping work and I found this great tutorial by a Los Angeles baker, Rosanna Pansino, on here.  She made an excellent video explaining how to make a cake similar to this one. It is perfect for anyone planning a May the Fourth celebration or a Star Wars party. 

I hope that the force is with you today!  Thanks for stopping by! 



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