Celebrating 100 Posts!

Wow! We have posted one-hundred times over the past year!  To celebrate, I thought that I would repost a few of our (and your!) favorites. 

Beginning with the first post back on June 4, 2015:

I introduced myself and my blog to "the blogosphere".  I have learned a lot since then, especially about computers and all of the fantastic things you can do with them. 

One of the pretty cool things that I learned is that I can link up with other bloggers for "parties" where we show off the fun things that we are doing in our lives.  One of my most viewed posts was this tablescape from last September. 

I linked this post to the blog, Between Naps on the Porch, which has a tablescape link-up "party" each week.  These parties are great ways to get ideas and "meet" new people with similar hobbies.  

Another "party" I link up to is Fantabulous Cricut Challenge. On this blog crafters use their Cricut machines to make cards and other crafts. 

I posted this scrapbooking page that I made for my cousin on the challenge and won a crafting class! 

Last summer we blogged about some fun deck parties.  One of my favorites was the Flamingo Party. We shared great cookies ...

and great cocktails! (Thanks Clinton Kelly for the delicious recipe!)

I look forward to many more deck parties this summer! 

Speaking of parties, we have celebrated birthdays...

like this one for my daughter.  And anniversaries, like my parents'

 And a graduation, for my other daughter.

And we even celebrated pirates.

We have shared recipes for classic cakes

and delicious cookies...

and appetizers.

We crafted, like these glittery glasses we have used time and time again. 

Wow!  Looking back on these past 100 posts, I realize what a great time I have had over the past (almost) year!  I hope you have too! 

I look forward to seeing what fun times and great food we can enjoy over the next one hundred posts! 

Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy 100! 



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