Blogging during a Blizzard!

I thought that living beneath near the coast in a Mid-Atlantic state would pretty much mean hurricanes, not blizzards.  But that is not the case today!  

So, I am taking advantage of being snowed in to do a little crafting.  What better project for a blizzard than hand warmers! 

This little project couldn't be easier and they cost less/last longer than some of the handwarmers you find at the stores. 

I started with little squares of leftover fabric.  These happen to be 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch squares.  I used them because they were left over from a previous project- my JMU quilt- appropriate because JMU is playing in the FCS Championship game today!  Go Dukes!  I think if I were cutting them expressly for this project I would cut them a little bigger- 5 inches by 5 inches, but these are perfect for smaller hands, like mine.  

I placed some interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, you could also use fleece, but I think that may be too thick.  You don't really need to line them, but I think it keeps them warm longer. 

Sew up the sides, right sides together,  leaving a gap.  Clip the fabric close to the corner and flip to the right side.  From the inside, push out the corners with a pencil or sturdy straw.  Fill the bag with rice.   I came up with this little contraption to help me out.  The "funnel" is the top of a recycled water bottle.  The stand is for tacos.  

Once you have filled it, sew up the gap.  To warm, place in a microwave for 30-45 seconds. Careful! It should be warm, but not hot.  

You can also make a bigger one for life's little aches and pains.. It can be any size you want, but 5 x 10 inches is good.  In weather like today's it serves double-duty as a bed warmer! 

So what if you don't sew (or don't want to?) Fill an adult-sized sock (clean, of course!) about halfway full of rice. Seriously!  Tie a knot in the end.  Place this in the microwave for about one and a half to two minutes, depending on how much rice you put in.  It is perfect for little aches and pains or again, to keep you warm!  I actually got this idea a few years ago.  My daughter's Girl Scout troop made them for some sort of project.  I use it all of the time for muscle aches. It really works! Of course, always be sure to contact your physician to make sure that heat should be applied to your particular aches and pains! 

And by the way, around here, prepping for a blizzard is much like preparing for a hurricane! 

Wherever you are today, I hope you are staying safe and warm! 

Thanks for stopping by today!    Oh, and Go Dukes! 



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