It has been a contentious campaign season to say the least!  I think that people on both sides deserve a sweet treat for surviving this election cycle! 

A few months ago I found these party cookie cutters.  I just knew that I had to have them for special election day cookies.  

The elephant for the GOP- Republican Party: 

And the Donkey for the Democratic Party: 

I chose to decorate a couple of cookies with my interpretation of the two parties' color scheme in fondant.  The remainder I simply used decorating sugar in the color that is associated with the party- Republican/Elephant/Red and Democrat/Donkey/Blue.  I used the leftover dough to bake some little star cookies and sugared them with red and blue. 

I  have been "auditioning" sugar cookie recipes for awhile now.  I think that I have found a favorite.  I really like the way that the dough is rolled out before chilling and the little taste of almond in the cookie.  The recipe can be found at  

I hope that whichever way you vote you get to enjoy a sweet treat afterwards! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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