Bee-Lated Again!

You may remember that I promised to tell you about the party favors from my daughter's "Bee-lated Birthday". Not only was I late with her birthday party, but I am late with the promised post as well!  With the bee theme that we had for the party, and my new found fascination with making my own bath soap and sugar scrubs, I decided to make little bee-themed soaps as a party favor.  

I have shared with you a couple of times how easy it is to make your own "designer" soaps. For these, I got a bee soap mold, some goat's milk soap base and my new favorite Honey Almond soap scent.  I purchased all of these from Micheal's (don't forget your coupon!), but I am intrigued by some molds that I found on Amazon.  Be sure to shop around and find what makes you happy. 

They are simple to make- melt one pound of the soap base in the microwave according to package directions (30 seconds, stir: 30 seconds, stir, etc. until completely melted).  Add your favorite scent, again according to the directions, but don't be surprised if you have to add about 50 or more drops.  Just follow your nose until the scent pleases you.  I added yellow soap color (be sure to add SOAP color so that the color doesn't come off on you when you wash!) and then a little bit of red for a more golden color.  Pour into the mold and wait patiently for the soap to cool- usually about 45 minutes to an hour.  Flex the mold to get the soap out and enjoy! 

My secret for success is my old Pyrex measuring cup. It is big enough to melt and mix the soap and makes pouring into the mold much easier.  

You can see the melted soap with the color added in the cup- ready to stir and pour.  As you can see, the numbers have faded so I can't use it for measuring, but it is perfect for crafting! 

To complete the gift bag, I placed two of the soaps in a little favor bag that I found at the dollar store.  I tied the bags with black and yellow curling ribbon and added a tag. 

I love this little bee stamp that I found in the "dollar bin" at Michael's!

We all know that bees are becoming endangered.  They are crucial to our eco-system and need to be protected.  To that end, Cheerios is giving away free seeds for wildflowers that attract honey bees.  You can get your seeds here. What a great way to add beauty and a purpose to our gardens this year! 

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Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you have a bee-you-tiful day! 



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