It's Graduation Week!

As I mentioned in my last post, my youngest daughter graduated from college this past weekend.  It was a bittersweet occasion for all of us.  For my husband and I, we are free from tuition payments, but our baby girl is all grown up and looking forward to a new life of her own.  We are very proud! 

But before she can continue on the bright path she has before her, we have to celebrate! We have a family party planned and I will be sharing decorations, gift ideas for your grad and party plans over the coming week.  

The first idea is a decoration for parties, first apartments or even dorm rooms- a wreath in school colors! 

To make the wreath, get a wire wreath form from your favorite craft store. I used a 12 inch wreath, but you can go bigger.  (Later I found the wreath forms in the Dollar Store- same size!)

Gather fabric in school colors (or holiday or whatever you prefer).  I used scraps from my daughter's college quilt (I'll show you that in a later post), but it ended up being about nine or ten "fat quarters".  I know that a lot of local fabric stores are closing down now, but you can find material at craft stores, online at Amazon and my favorites, and  You can even find fabric at Walmart. 

Cut the fabric in 2 1/2 inch by 7 inch strips.  I used a rotary cutter with a pinking edge to prevent raveling, but you can just use a regular rotary cutter or a pair of scissors if you can cut straight (I can't!). Simply tie the strips to the wreath, beginning on the inside and working out.  I went section by section, but you progress as you wish. 

I didn't cover all four rungs of the wreath.  It was full enough when I finished the first too (plus I was tired of tying knots and feeling a little lazy!). 

You can add the school letters for added decoration if you wish. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Come by again soon, during our next post we will be discussing the Best Gifts for Grads! 



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