A Little Walk on the Light Side

After getting some papers graded and some administrative tasks completed, I was feeling a little better about life and decided to celebrate May the Fourth on the light side after all. (See the Darth Vader Cocktail in my last post.)  Taking a long break from the huge stack of assignments I have yet to complete, I made a cake for the Jedi. 

I baked a pound cake mix in the Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl I borrowed from a friend (Thanks, Kimberly!).  I had to sculpt a little around to the top to make it more round. After a thin layer of frosting I covered the cake in pre-made fondant and then added the shapes which make BB8.  Very simple, really.  The lenses are formed from two different sizes of ice cream scoops and the antenna are fondant covered bamboo skewers. This is really a very quick and easy cake for the Star Wars fan.  I"m sorry that I didn't think to take pictures of the process, but it was really very easy once I found a good photo online. 

So, I hope the force was with you on this May the Fourth.  Thanks for stopping by twice in one day! 



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