Hydrangeas and Glitter?

After several rainy days last week the sun broke through on Saturday morning and we were blessed with a beautiful weekend.  I was able to spend a great deal of time outside and cut these beautiful hydrangeas from the bush in my front yard after doing some yard work.  Of course, gardenias are my favorite flower of all, but hydrangeas are certainly up there on my favorites list as well!  Don’t they look sweet in this pretty pitcher I inherited from my Grandmother?

Of course, no matter how beautiful the weather is, there are still errands to run.  I was walking through Target and all of a sudden I spotted this:
 I think that anyone with a blog called Gardenias and Glitter needs a Glitter Library, don’t you?  I am going to be thinking of some cool projects to do with this over the summer!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend some time enjoying your favorite activities as well!
Until next time- Thanks for stopping by!



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