"Gotta Catch Them All!"

Confession time once again- I play Pokemon Go.  I know, I am way too old and I have much better things to do with my time, but my daughters and I have been on a Pokemon hunt for the last few weeks.  

And I enjoy it.  We have an excuse (not that we really needed one) to get outside and walk around. We've met people and explored places that we probably would never have seen. No, I am not battling or training Pokemon (I don't even know what that means!), I don't hunt while driving or trespass on people's yards (or cemeteries),  but it is kind of interesting to see little creature pop up in unexpected places.  

I met this guy on my walk the other night.  

This little guy was waiting for me when I left the beach. 

And of course, you already saw the one that jumped on my Hemingway novel on Daiquiri Day a couple of weeks ago. 
So for some reason, I decided to make a cake (not that I need an excuse for that either!) and I modeled it after the Pokeball that you use to "catch" the creatures.  

I also added two of my favorite Pokemon that I molded out of fondant.  

The cake was quite easy.  I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan that I use a lot more than you would think anyone who doesn't know any athletes would use.  (Pro tip: when using this pan be sure to bake a sturdy, heavy cake, such as a pound cake, to make sure that it holds its shape.)  I covered the bottom half in white fondant and the top in red.  (The red fondant was purchased in that color- it is too difficult to get a good red when coloring fondant.) 


A band of black fondant, a couple of little circles for the front and we have a cake Pokeball! 

I then made a little Pikachu. 

And a Jiggly Puff. 

I am often asked how to make things out of fondant.  It is easy.  Remember when you were young and played with Play-Doh or made things out of clay in school? Fondant is just edible Play-Doh.  

I hope that you too getting out and enjoying these beautiful (if hot!) summer days!  

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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