Have a Fab-Boo!-Lous Halloween!

I had a great time making this ghost cake.  It was so simple and turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself! 

I made this cake using this Nordic Ware pan I bought on clearance at Williams Sonoma last year.  I first told you about it in my Halloween post last October. 

I usually don't like to admit when I use a cake mix for my cakes, but on Saturday I saw a big-time chef on a cooking show use one for his Halloween pumpkin cake. So I decided that it was perfectly okay for me to use a pound cake mix for this project.  Whenever you use a mold like this, particularly one that stands up, be sure to use a sturdy cake, like a pound cake, to be sure that it doesn't fall in on itself.  

Once the cake was baked, I frosted the back of both sides, placed the two halves together and stood the cake up on my cake board.  After covering the cake with a light layer of frosting (in the spirit of a full confession- canned frosting!), I then draped fondant over the top.  I smoothed the fondant over some of the wrinkles on the cake and then let it drape further over the bottom.  Edible marker eyes and mouth finished the look. 

I placed the cake on one of my favorite stands.  I first used it in my Talk like a Pirate Day Post last year.  

There are pretty little crystals hanging from the corner and it is perfect for a glamorous or Boo-tiful setting! 

I hope that you have a Happy and Safe Halloween!  I'll be back later this week for some special treats for your best friend! 

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  1. Your cake looks fantastic! Love the way it stands up! Hope you had an awesome Halloween!

  2. Thank you Karla! I hope you had a Happy Halloween as well!


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