Haunted Lab Tablescape

We enjoyed our Halloween tablescape last week so much that we decided to create one more before the big day. (And once more outside while the weather is still so pretty!)

At this table, witches and warlocks stopped their evil spell-making long enough to enjoy a working lunch. The wicked ingredients that they use for their potions have all been pushed to the center of the table.  

      Oh No!  Snakes and spiders have escaped from their bottles! 

What good can possibly come from bottles of bone powder, snake venom and tarantula legs? 

I don't even want to know what the evil witches had planned for that syringe!

Even the witches couldn't keep the candle lit this windy day.  

They each had a special plate with a spooky message. 

What happened to this poor guy? 

The bottles are in actuality upcycled olive oil and aspirin bottles painted black.  The labels were designed by Lia Griffith and can be printed from her website here.  Be sure to stop by and see her spooky creations. 

The spider and snake are rubber toys painted silver.  I glittered the pumpkin for my "Fangtastic" Halloween tablescape last year. The glittery spiders were from Target years ago.  The tablecloth was made from fabric purchased at Walmart. The spider web placemats and skull salad plates were from T.J. Maxx last year.  They made their first appearance at my "Talk Like a Pirate Day" tablescape.  The candle is from Michaels- I bought it when I bought the orange striped tapers in my last Halloween tablescape here.  You may also remember the double-sided napkin tutorial from the same post.  Here I used the black side (obviously!).  

I actually "stole" this from my foyer table.  This "scene" meets guests as they walk into my house this year.  

It is hard to believe that Halloween is just a few days away!  I hope you enjoy these last spooky days! 

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