Are You Ready for Some Football?

It is time for Super Bowl 51!  Do you have big plans?  Perhaps a viewing party or a simple family gathering? 

Due to a series of unfortunate events involving my household appliances, I have not yet begun my preparations for the big game.  I did get a few moments to look over some of my favorite snacks from past years and begin to plan my menu.  If you are like me and need a couple of last minute easy snacks for the game, here are a couple of recipes I compiled from earlier posts.  

We served these "Chicken Apple Pigs in a Blanket" for last year's Super Bowl.  My daughter and I took a class at William Sonoma last year right before the Big Game and learned to make these grown up pigs in a blanket- perfect for game day and so quick and easy to make! You can find the recipe for these, along with some ideas for decorations here.

A perennial party favorite in our house is "Mom's Cheeseball".  I included the recipe in my blog on the 2015 Grand Illumination Parade which you can find here. It too is super simple and can also be shaped into a football (or an Easter Egg for Easter, a Pumpkin for fall, etc.)!

We also love this "Mexican Layer Dip" that I shared on my Cinco de Mayo post last year. My friend, Lynn, shared this recipe with me years ago and we have served it during birthday parties, tailgates and as nachos with lettuce as a main dish.  Serve in a football shaped bowl that you can find at a Party Store.  The recipe can be found here.

If you need a quick and easy dessert, bake (or buy!) a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Why wouldn't this photo rotate?  I just have a gift with appliances this week!

Color some vanilla frosting green and either smoothly frost the cake with it or use a piping bag and a grass tip and create "field" on the top of the cake.  Place a fondant football on the top (or you could use a new, clean small football instead, just be sure it is non-toxic).  You could do cupcakes the same way- bake in a brown or green cupcake cup, frost with green and place a chocolate covered almond lined with white frosting like a football on the top.  

I did get started on my game-time "decor". You can see my table cover at the top of the page. It is made of green carpet samples with white masking tape "stripes" on it.  The letters are vinyl made on my Cricut.  We will just have to see what snacks I end up making to place on it! 

Whatever snacks and treats you end up making (or buying!), I hope that you enjoy the Big Game and that your team wins! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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