Helping the Easter Bunny!

In our family we take Easter Egg Dyeing to new heights.  There is competition. There are materials used that cannot be found in any Paas Kit. There is even a trophy. And before you ask how old my children are, please know that there are no more young children in my family.  We are all adults.  But we have fun and usually the competition doesn't get too ugly! 

But before we can have fun, someone has to prepare the eggs.  I hate this task.  Boiling eggs is not too difficult if you just want a few, but when you boil enough eggs for ten grown-ups bent on winning the Coveted Golden Egg Trophy, you have to spend some time in the kitchen.  I never have enough pots (or patience!) to get them boiled all at one time and believe it or not, I have to look up the "recipe" every year! And some of them always crack.  

A couple of years ago I found some instructions for baking eggs instead of hard-boiling them.  This year, I decided to give it a try when making a salad.  I will never hard boil an egg again. 

It is simple. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Place eggs in the cups of a cupcake tin, one egg per cup.   Bake for 25 minutes.  Remove from oven and cover with ice until chilled. (I place mine in the tin in the sink.)  It's that simple. Once they cool they are ready for dyeing, for deviled eggs or whatever the Easter Bunny wants to do with them.  You can not tell the difference between an egg that is traditionally hard boiled and one that is baked. 

Note to self- don't use a serrated edge knife to cut eggs.

So there it is.  A quick tip to help the Easter Bunny (or you!) with your Easter Celebration!

I hope you have a very Happy Easter!  Thanks for stopping by today! 



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