Quick and Easy Patriotic Wreath Inspired by Southern Living

I was scrolling through the Gardenias and Glitter Instagram feed last week and I came across a cute, quick how-to video posted by Southern Living Magazine.  The video was for a wreath made with clothespins.  It turned out very cute on the video and I thought that it would be a fun addition to my Fourth of July decorations.  So I gave it a try. 

As I was making it, I was thinking about what a great project it would be for kids.  Super easy and quick. And not very expensive- for a Mom trying to entertain children during summer break, that is the perfect combination! 

To put it together I gathered a metal wreath ring (about 12 inches across) and bunches of clothespins.  All from the Dollar Store.   I found inexpensive spray paint at Walmart- 97 cents for the white and I think $1.65 each for the red and blue. 

I painted 25 clothes pins blue and about 31 red.  I got a little carried away and painted about 64 of them white. The actual number depends on how big your wreath is.  

Clip a white clothes pin to the first (bottom) rung of the wreath.  Clip a red one right beside it on the second rung. Keep going in this red/white pattern until you are about 3/4 of the way around the wreath.  The Southern Living example had only these two rungs covered, but since I got carried away with the white pins, I decided to add another level as shown above. I am glad that I did, but you certainly do not have to, it's cute enough as it is.  

Before you add the blue pins, glue stars to them.  I happened to use a star-shaped paper punch, but the video used star shaped sequins. 

You could also use "rhinestones" or "pearls" or even little star-shaped stickers.  Whatever you prefer (or whatever is in your stash!). I think if I were doing it again, I would put the stars on the other end of the pins. 

Use the same pattern to clip the blue pins to the wreath.  Add a ribbon to the top rung and hang it up!  It's that easy! 

If you would like to see a Southern Living post about this and other Fourth of July wreaths, click here.  I can't figure out how to link you to the video. If you are on Instagram, check it out- it's pretty cool! 

(Speaking of Instagram- did you know that you can follow Gardenias and Glitter on Instagram?  And on Facebook? )

I hope that you are enjoying a fun and festive pre-Fourth of July weekend!  Thanks for stopping by today! 



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