Halloween House Tour

I have seen a few "Halloween House Tours" online while surfing the web so I thought I would share a peek or two at my Halloween decor. 

My mantle: 

I know that the pumpkin lights are a little overkill with the other lights lining the mantle, but they are a tradition in the family.  We started putting up a string of pumpkin lights on the first of October about twenty years ago and I can't seem to break that tradition.  Not only are they on the mantle, but under the cabinets in the kitchen as well. We believe that "To celebrate, you must illuminate" (this is a take-off of my cousin's "To celebrate you must inflate- which explains their fun inflatable decor throughout the seasons!). We may go a little overboard with the lights at my house! I wish I could take good pictures of the lights in my living room, bathroom mirror, kitchen.... 

We found the mirror at a church rummage sale a few years ago.  It was intended for my daughter's room, but never seems to stay there.  I use it for my fall mantlescapes and move it around as I feel is necessary. You will probably see it in other posts in other places in my house. 

You may have seen a little corner of this hutch in my "Fangtastic Tablescape" I posted last week.  It sits at the end of my dining room table.  The plates and decor change from season to season. 

My daughter and I had a great time building this Ginger bread house from a kit from Target with a few of our own additions to the decor. The kits came equipped with icing and candy, but we added the pumpkins and the "dirt" in the yard.  It is made from chocolate sandwich cookies broken up in the food processor. 

You will also see the Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms that I mentioned in my "Five Fall Faves" post lining the roof of the house.  They were, shall we say, different.  They taste like a solid Pumpkin Spice Latte.  They are not like regular M&Ms that you take a handful and gobble them up.  This is a one treat at a time type of candy.  Anything more is too much. 

This little tree sits on the table beside the Gingerbread House.  The little bat lights I found from the Dollar Store are new this year. (I told you that I go overboard with lights!)

In fact, I have been accused of going overboard in all areas of holiday decoration.  

This little witch meets me in the shower every morning! 

The decorating fun overflows the house into the yard as well. 

I created a little "Pumpkin Patch" on my deck.  It is still warm enough to sit outside and drink my coffee in the morning and I really enjoy having this little bit of fall to look at as I begin my day. 

Duke Dog joins them on game day.  You may remember him from my "Tailgates and Tablescapes" post a couple of weeks ago.  My family enjoyed a cookout on the deck pre-game this past Saturday.  The team lost, but they are still 7-1 for the season! 

My husband is in charge of  decorating the front yard.  My daughter helped him this afternoon with this selfie taking skeleton.  She gets the photo credit as well. 

I hope to get my phone back after Trick or Treats! 

I took a few pictures of the outside at night.  More illumination of course! 

The Spider Web in the bay window. 

"Marcus the Carcus" has had a difficult life- we can no longer find his feet but he is another one of those traditions that we can't seem to part with! 

This guy is a new addition.  I'm not sure how I feel about him yet- he is creepy! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this little peek at some of our Halloween decor!  It is hard to believe that this time next week it will be time to put it all away and decorate for Thanksgiving! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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