A "Fang-tastic" Tablescape

We were watching "Hotel Transylvania" last week and Dracula's "hospitality" towards his friends inspired this Halloween tablescape.  If you are not familiar with this animated children's movie, Dracula has opened a monsters-only hotel to protect monsters from humans and their prejudices against the likes of Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, the Mummy, a Werewolf family and other creatures.  He has invited them all to the 118th birthday party of his daughter, Mavis.  It is a really cute movie and I hope to see the sequel in the theater sometime before Halloween. 

So I began to think what Dracula's table might look like when he serves his guests.  I chose black and red as the color scheme. Every time you see Dracula he seems to be wearing those colors.  He would set a luxurious table with silver and crystal. 

While I would prefer to dine al fresco, Dracula and his guests would most likely eat in the dining room.  And the blinds would be shut- vampires can't stand the sun. 

So candles would be lit. 

There would be a fancy centerpiece.  In this case, a silver pumpkin on a wreath of black roses. (Note to self- silver glitter does not photograph well!)  

It is set on the same cake stand the "Pirates" used on their special day here

While most of us would not invite some of the same guests, Dracula has different friends, and different accommodations. These spiders are staying in the coffin I "glittered", along with the silver pumpkin, in this post.  

We may also not choose the same napkin rings. These are fangs from the Halloween section of Target. 

Bats have settled on the crystal goblets.  They could also serve as place cards. (I photographed them away from the table so they could be seen better.) 

Of course there would be treats for his guests.  I found these goody bags at the Dollar Store. The M&Ms in these bags are much better than the treats Dracula served in the movie!

There will be no deviled lizard eggs, worm cakes or scream cheese served here! 

I hope that you have a "fang-tastic" day! 

Thanks for stopping by! 



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