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When my children were in middle and high school we would create a Back to School Playlist to listen to in the car and during our Back to School Party (see here).  Since this is back to school week at Gardenias and Glitter, I thought I would share a sample Playlist with you. 

Not all of the songs are appropriate for all age groups.  When creating the list the plan was to listen to some school-themed songs that my teen and 'tween kids would enjoy, that were age appropriate and would not drive me crazy.  There may be one or two on the list that are just for Moms driving the mini-van away from the carpool lane and trying to feel like an adult for a few minutes!  All of the songs are available on iTunes if you don't already have them in your collection.

I actually lettered in high school- band and band front (flags)! 

"Be True to Your School", Beach Boys- When I was a teen I was in love with the Beach Boys and this was one of my favorites.  Perfect for back to school and football season. Check out this cool video- Be True to Your School . I think you will recognize the famous drummer!  

"My Old School", Steely Dan, 1976- this favorite always made the list because it mentions my alma mater (well, one of them!), William and Mary. The words were "I said Oh No, William and Mary won't do".  I don't understand the song, but that's okay!

File:New William & Mary Logo.gif
MY Old School

"Math Suks", Jimmy Buffett, 1999- I hate to say it, but my girls and I did not get the math gene and this song pretty much sums up every assignment and test we had to prepare for through all of our schooling.  Of course, if you have young ones, you may object to the title lyrics.

"School Days", Chuck Berry, 1957- A fun, family friendly, but not insanely childish, back to school song.  If you prefer, AC/DC covered this song on their TNT album in 1975.

Another one of my old schools

"Starfish and Coffee", 1987, Prince- I didn't know anything about this song until after Prince passed this April.  It is now a favorite, for back to school and otherwise,  in part because it is so sweet and the only song that I know of that mentions the name Cynthia.  Check out this super cute video of Prince singing the song with the Muppets: Starfish and Coffee  If you look closely you can see a Prince muppet!

"School", Super Tramp, 1974- I had forgotten this was even on the list.  Not one of my favorites, but still within the theme.

File:MUTCD S3-1 (new).svg

"Schoolbus", Rocknoceros, 2007- No one claims to know how this one got on the list all those years ago.  It is definitely kid-friendly, extremely mellow song about a "school bus driver lady".

"Rock 'N Roll High School", The Ramones, 1979- This song does not convey the attitude that you want your kid to have about school, but has a fun beat.

"Another Brick in the Wall", Pink Floyd, 1979- "We don't need no education".   Also not the attitude that you want your kids to have!

And for those of us who survived the non-politically correct, hair band 80's, here are a couple of songs for you: 

"Smokin in the Boys' Room", Motley Crue, 1985- Definitely not family friendly but Mom and Dad may want to include it at the end of the playlist after the kids have been dropped off at school, along with-

"Hot for Teacher", Van Halen, 1984- When I started writing this post I went on YouTube and watched the video.  Words fail me.....

We also made up songs for the back to school "holiday".  For example, an office supply company adapted the Christmas song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" for its back to school promotion one year. We added (okay, I added) more verses about happy mothers singing and school bells ringing, much to my children's annoyance.  I also seem to remember one I "wrote" about Bus 600, which was the bus that the kids rode all through elementary school (and which also ran into my car, but that's a story for another day!).  I wish I remembered those lyrics now! 

So, what songs would you suggest for a back to school playlist?  

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