Celebrate 21!

My youngest daughter just turned 21.  She decided that her party should be at a local Mexican restaurant with the entire family present. We had a great time!  But just because the celebration is not at home does not mean that we do not have decorations to mark the event! 

Using the Cricut cartridge "Ole"!  I created a banner. 

"Olivia" was actually "Bolivia" on the cartridge.  

I just cut off the "B". I think it works! The curly ribbons came from the Dollar Store.  

My daughter loves pinatas and unicorns. So I just had to make her a pinata unicorn. 

The pinata is made from cardboard and taped together. (I used a little pinata from Target for my guide). I spray painted the cardboard so it didn't show through the fringe, but I don't think it was really necessary.  The cover is white tissue paper folded and cut into two inch strips.  Once you make fringe along the long edge of the tissue, glue it on, wrapping it around the pinata as you go.  Use one inch strips of multi-colored tissue for the main and tail and then gold paper for the horn.  (I know- the horn is too long! Oh well!)  Glue on some eyes and there you have it!  This one is simply for decoration, but if you wanted to put treats inside, you can cut a little door along the top.  

 The inside included information about the party and of course, a Margarita.  

I am going to link up to the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge.  The theme this week is "Anything Goes." I think we fit perfectly into that!  Click here to check out other crafters' interpretations of the theme.  

I'll share the cake that I made for her sometime soon.  Until then- have a great week and thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. Your party decorations turned out amazing! I'm sure your daughter loved them!! So smart to crop the cut to turn it into your daughters name :) Thanks so much for joining us for the FCCB challenge this week! Hugs, DT Karla


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