It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like......Christmas?

Yes, you read that right!  As I write, it is still July (the early part as well!), but companies are starting to gear up for the big holiday season! 

Hallmark Tabletop Display "When Dreams Come True"
Hallmark premiered its ornaments last weekend, having debuted its ornament catalog in April.  They are also running their Christmas movies all afternoon and evening this week and their Home and Family show is, along with their regular programming, showing Christmas crafts and cooking.   I  even saw a couple of ideas that I may be trying later this summer (it's never too early for a crafter to get started on Christmas projects!).

Now, before you think that this is just one store in a blatant attempt to sell Christmas ornaments, Hallmark is not alone.  I have already seen advertisements for Christmas trees and the home shopping channels are running sales on Christmas gifts and decor on TV and online.  

So, inspired by all of the fanfare, I decided to spend a little time crafting some ornaments that I use as little gifts (perfect for teachers!) or as gift tags. I have made several different types of ornaments using these glass and plastic balls (see an example here), but when I found directions for glitter filled ornaments, I knew I had to try them (I don't call this blog Gardenias and Glitter for nothing!). I don't know where I first found the directions for these particular decorations, but they are all over Pinterest.  And they are so super easy, inexpensive and pretty! 

To make the ornaments you will need: 

  • Clear glass or plastic ornaments (you can also find bell, light bulb, star and other shapes- I imagine the instructions would be the same for all.  Some shapes might be more difficult than others.  
  • A floor care product- (I know, I was like what? That's crazy! But it works!) I used Pledge Floor care, others have used Mop and Glo, Bona or Pledge floor wax.  I have also seen directions with a glue called "Glitter It", but I could not find it. 
  • Glitter- your choice of color and texture.  I found that darker colors cover better than light.  Some crafters have suggested that fine glitter works better than the larger size. I didn't notice a difference.  
  • Small cup- a small bathroom cup would probably work a lot better than the one I used pictured above. 
  1. Remove the cap from the ornament and pour floor cleaner/polish into the ornament. The amount to use depends on the size of your ornament, but you don't need very much.  
  2. Swirl the cleaner around the inside of the ball, slowly, making sure to cover the entire area. If you swirl too fast you will get a lot of little bubbles.  Not a big problem, but you will need to get rid of them.  Dump the rest of the cleaner into the little cup. You can rest the ornament on the cup, top-side down, to drain the cleaner. 
  3. If you do end up with a bubble or two, use a Q-tip or your finger to pop the bubble. Do not stick your finger in the top of a glass ornament.  The rim may be rough and cut you. (Voice of experience here!)
  4. Using a small funnel (or not!) pour a generous amount of glitter into the top of the ornament and swirl to cover the inside completely.  Dump the glitter residue (the glitter that did not stick) back into the container.  Don't worry, that glitter has not been in contact with the floor cleaner and can be used again. 
  5. Put the cap back on and decorate as desired.  Easy Peasy! 

This pink ornament will soon get a monogram sticker. (I will make mine with my Cricut, but you can also find stickers at Michaels).  Another friend is having a baby (a girl this time!) and once I find out her name and locate a sufficiently pink shimmery ribbon, it will be used as a gift tag.  This one is plastic just in case the baby gets her hands on it when she gets a little older. 

I couldn't resist a shimmery silver bow for this ornament.  The cap also has rhinestone ribbon around it. 

I decorated this one in my daughter's school colors.  She is going to grad school in the fall and I thought it would be a special addition to her tree this first year.  In the past I have used my Cricut to monogram ornaments for my daughters' friends using their school colors. As I mentioned before, they make cute little gifts or gift tags.  

Just in case you are not quite ready for Christmas yet, how about a little fall? 

This was Michael's.  On June 30th! 

Why not get a head start on your holiday projects this year, after all, there are only 163 shopping days until Christmas! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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