Happy 50th Anniversary Mr. Grinch!

Dr Suess'  How the Grinch Stole Christmas first aired on December 18, 1966.  Since then, it has become a Christmas Classic- a "must see" every Christmas season.

How the grinch stole christmas 1966 print ad premiere.jpg
Advertisement for the original air date.  From Wikipedia
Of course, we cannot let such an occasion go unnoted, so my family and I decided to take some time out of these hectic last few days before Christmas to relax and enjoy this holiday favorite with some special treats. 

This candy is a takeoff on a favorite Pretzel bite that I have shared with you in the past.  If you look for Grinch treats on Pinterest, this one pops up quite often. Unlike my usual pretzel treats, this one can be microwaved.  Here is my take: 

Grinch Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Snaps (Not butter flavor!) 
Light or Dark Chocolate Candy Melts (I used Wilton Light Chocolate) 
Bright Green Candy Melts (Again, I used Wilton)
Red Fondant hearts or Heart shaped sprinkles

Place pretzels on a microwave safe plate.  Place a candy melt on the center of the pretzel, flat side up.  Microwave at 50% for 30 seconds, check to see if candy is melted.  If not, microwave at 50% in 30 second increments until candy is just melted.  Chill for about 30 minutes. If making fondant hearts, prepare them while the candy is cooling. 

Prepare green candy.  I found this Wilton product designed especially for drizzling. 

Regardless of what green candy melt you use, melt for drizzling according to package directions. Drizzle as desired over the candy.  Place a heart on the drizzle before it hardens. 

        "Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that
        day.  And then- the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch
        found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two!"
Chill again.  Enjoy! 

Our second treat originated from the December issue of "The Food Network" magazine.  I saw the Peppermint Pinwheel cookies on the front cover and knew that they would be perfectly whimsical and fun for the occasion.  And they fit in with the peppermint craze that I have been in lately! 

Well, they also fit in with the kitchen clutziness that I have been suffering through the last few months- it seems like whenever I try to bake anything, it doesn't turn out exactly as planned.  But that's okay- I think that these turned out even more whimsical, Seussical, if you will, and would fit perfectly as dessert in a Whoville Christmas feast. You can find the official recipe from the "Food Network Magazine's" website here.  

When dividing the dough be sure to divide into thirds evenly.  That was my mistake! (Division was never my strong suit) The plain layer was much smaller than the red and green layers because I did not split the dough into three equal parts.  The color was not as dark as I had planned or in the picture from the magazine, but I think that the cookie turned out a little more bright this way. Again, I think it is a little more whimsical for the occasion! 

And you know me, I have to bring out the Cricut whenever I can.  Here are the cups we used for our drinks. I quickly cut out little hearts out of red vinyl scraps and adhered them to clear plastic cups. 

Grinch green and red napkins and paper dessert plates placed on a white and red wrapping paper runner completed the look. 

And I found this really cute T-shirt at Old Navy.  I think it is supposed to be for boys, but who cares!?! 

Most importantly though, my family all sat together for a few minutes and enjoyed a traditional favorite.  Yes, shortly thereafter we all went our separate ways, but just for a few minutes it was nice to spend some time together without worrying about wrapping or baking or shopping or any other holiday craziness. 

         "Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, 
          perhaps means a little bit more." - The Grinch

I hope you are enjoying some quiet time with the people you love this holiday season! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 

~"Cindy Lou Who"


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