Happy Birthday Mr. Kraft!

This morning I was watching "CBS Sunday Morning" when their Almanac piece came on. They announced that on December 11, 1870, James Lewis Kraft was born.  Now this might not mean anything to you (it certainly did not to me!), but they went on to discuss his contribution to the food industry.  It seems that Mr. Kraft patented " an improved process of sterilizing cheese” which would allow it to keep longer without spoiling.  They went on to discuss how this invention helped to feed our troops in World Wars I and II.  This is very important, but what I want to celebrate is his invention of this: 

That's right, Mr. Kraft invented processed cheese, which led to the invention of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Put together by a Kraft salesperson in 1937, it was originally designed as an inexpensive prepared food to feed people during the Great Depression.   But, if we are all honest with ourselves, and putting all nutrition statistics aside, we all can remember a time when this was a favorite food, maybe even preferred over the wonderful homemade macaroni casseroles lovingly prepared from scratch by our mothers and grandmothers!

And let us not forget, the grilled cheese sandwich.  Who doesn't love an authentic Kraft grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup on a cold winter's afternoon? 

So, even though Mr. Kraft passed in 1953,  I for one want to wish him a "Happy Birthday" and thank him for his contribution to the American lunch! 

You can read the article and view the "Almanac" here: CBS Sunday Morning

I hope that you get to enjoy a hearty bowl of Mac n Cheese or a steamy grilled cheese sandwich soon! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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