Merry Christmas from Gardenias and Glitter!

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing blogs with beautiful pictures of elaborate holiday decor.  I would like to be the type of blogger who could share such pictures with my readers.  But the reality is- I am not. 

For the past couple of years I have had red and white peppermint decor on my mantle.  I thought it was really cute and then we had an "Elf" viewing party.  If you have seen the movie you know that Buddy the Elf makes a lot of paper snowflakes and chains.  So we had to do the same.  I just don't have the heart to take down the "artwork" the "kids" made. (The kids being 10, 20, 21 and 23!)  So it stays!  This is more of my method of decor than the showstopping exhibitions that a lot of people post.  I'll share anyway. 

The photo above is of a poinsettia I got last week.  I wanted a pink and red one to match the "peppermint" color scheme you see above. When I opened the bag around the flower I saw this combination white and red flower.  It is truly unique!  

I have a small collection of Nativity Scenes.  Today seems to be the appropriate time to share photos of some of them.  The Nativity above is my favorite.  It was made for my husband and I by my Nana the first year we were married.  It is a truly beautiful collection which includes Wise Men, Shepherds, camels and other animals.  No, the original set did not include the Dalmatian.  I added that myself.  I have had beloved Dalmatians in my past and they are excellent guard dogs. When I found this little dog I felt that he too belonged in the Manger Scene. Perhaps this one is watching over the Baby Jesus as he sleeps!

The Nativity above also includes the Wise Men, Shepherds and their animals.  One of my planned projects for this summer will be to build a stable for this set.  Now that I have posted my plans I have to do it, right?!?

This PlayMobil set is in my kitchen.  Yes, that is a pirate you see.  We had a pirate set when the kids were younger and the pirates just seemed to migrate into the box with everyone else in the Nativity.  We just explain that they wish to pay their respects as well.  As I understand it, in other countries Nativity scenes include members of the village and various occupations who wish to pay homage to the Holy Child. I guess that is what we are doing here too. 

My Christmas trees may also not be the most glamourous, but they are decorated with love and enjoyed by all in the house.  

This is Monet who believes that once a year her people put up a tree or two or three for her personal enjoyment.  As you may note, she is not amused that I am trying to decorate the tree and make sure that breakable ornaments are out of her way. (This is the tree in my den near the mantle- also decorated with "peppermint".) 

Maybe one day I will be able to post magazine worthy photographs of my home and holiday decor.  But that is not today- right now we are all enjoying the season- the movies and hot cocoa, baking, special libations and crafting to worry about how messy we are.  I hope that you are too enjoying this special time of year with the loved ones in your life- human and non-human alike! 

May your Christmas be filled with love and laughter and Peace. 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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