Happy New Year! A Tablescape and Non-Resolutions

I am not one for resolutions- they never last (at least not for me) and I feel like they kind of set us up for failure as we begin a new year.  But I do make plans and set goals for myself for the coming year. Phrasing it that way seems to work a little better for me.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well one of my plans affects this blog.  I want to find more joy- more reasons and ways to celebrate the blessings that I have.   And I plan to share these celebrations- great and small with you. 

I begin with today- New Year's Eve 2015.  What better way to toast the dawn of 2016 than with a golden champagne flute!  I "glittered" these glasses following the instructions I posted here.  This morning I learned that there is an easier way.  Stay tuned!  There will be plenty more occasions to glitter in 2016 and I will share a new technique with you then. 

Another plan that I have involves my dining room.  

I set my New Year's Eve table there. It is very simple and perfect for our low-key celebration.  

The black and gold color scheme seems perfect for the occasion- perhaps for an Oscar celebration as well! The gold flatware, placemats, candles and glasses with gold detailing came from Pier One. The black napkins tied with gold tinsel do not photograph well (I should have anticipated that and will be on the look-out for good January sales on gold napkins!). They actually look quite elegant in person! 

Aren't these glasses pretty?  I got them as a Christmas gift from my parents.  I expect that they will be the star of many tablescapes in the future. 

The "centerpiece" is simple.  The candleholders are actually from the Dollar Store and painted gold for the occasion.  (I couldn't find any gold candle holders anywhere!) There are Gold Christmas decorations lining the center of the table and are joined by a black and gold feather boa. The lights are battery operated LED lights that I have in a couple of colors and use them for almost every occasion. I found them on Amazon a couple of years ago.  Very festive! 

Back to my plans for the dining room.  As you can tell from the pictures, it is very dark!  I plan to paint it a lighter color (the color is up for debate amongst family members) and update it.  As I mentioned before- if I post it, I have to do it right!?!

I am linking this post up to the beautiful tablescapes on Between Naps on the Porch.  Be sure to stop by and be inspired by the gorgeous table settings there. 

Don't forget your Black-eyed Peas, Greens and Pork for luck tomorrow!  Come back on New Year's Day for a different take on the traditional Black-eye Peas recipe.  Happy New Year! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 


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