A Perfect Christmas Brunch Cocktail

I was "auditioning" cocktails for Christmas brunch and found a recipe for an Ambrosia Cocktail on Pinterest.  Ambrosia is a classic Southern food with as many recipe variations as people who enjoy it. I first came to know Ambrosia from my Nana, my father's mother, who would make this dessert for Sunday dinners and holidays.  Since then my mother has carried on the tradition, albeit with a slightly different recipe. I occasionally make it myself, again, using my own ingredients to suit my taste and that of my family.

Our "recipe" is simple- orange slices (mandarin oranges if you are fancy), pineapple tidbits, cherries and a dash of orange juice. I like to add a dash of cherry juice as well. Nana would add sugar. My family does not go for the recipes that you will see that include marshmallows or (gasp!) sour cream!

So when I saw this cocktail recipe I knew that I just had to try it. Coincidentally, my Nana's birthday is tomorrow so I thought it would be a great tribute to her to enjoy this drink and share it with you. I found the original recipe on the Your Southern Peach blog, but made some changes to suit my taste better. 

Ambrosia Cocktail 

2 oz. Coconut Rum (I use Blue Chair Bay)
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Orange Juice
Splash of cherry juice 
Splash of Grenadine (optional)

Place ice cubes in a glass.  Pour rum and juices into a cocktail shaker and shake. After pouring drink in the glass, splash in the grenadine if desired.  The original recipe suggested garnishing with cherries, marshmallows and/or rosemary. (I am discovering that I need to work on my garnishes!)

This is a refreshing little beverage that reminds me of the fruity dessert (or sometimes, breakfast!) that I enjoy so much.  It was suggested by my daughter that perhaps it is a summer drink, but to me it is also reminiscent of the holidays when the treat has always been served.  I will most likely be serving it over Christmas and throughout the year. 

So, I end this post by sending Happy Birthday wishes to my Nana who we miss very much and by sending Happy Holiday wishes to you!  The big day is almost here! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



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