Survival Tips for Christmas 2016

Yes, that's right- I said Christmas 2016!  I haven't lost my mind in a post-holiday haze (well, maybe) or committed a typographical error.  Instead I'm going to share a few tips which have helped me to remain organized (and sane!) from season to season and will hopefully help you too! 

For years I had a Christmas Notebook where I kept neat lists of storage boxes, Christmas cards, gift lists, etc., but sometime over the last year I lost it. (It is somewhere in a "Safe Place"!  I'll probably find it next summer!) I really missed it this year and decided to make next season easier as I begin to pack up this year's decor. This led me to create another notebook. Hopefully I can share this information and help you as well.  Here is the link where you can print out the Cover Page above.

This first page is one of many where I log in the contents of storage boxes.  Before each container is stored in the attic, I assign it a number and mark the box accordingly.  I then list what the box contains in the space in the notebook assigned to that box. Here is the link for the Box Content page.  It is so helpful it is to be able to go directly to the box with the mantle decorations or outside lights and not have to search through container after container before finding them.  I also place each page in a plastic page protector before I put it in the notebook.  It is not necessary, but it prevents tearing and preserves the pages through the years.  

I have learned that another way to eliminate holiday stress is to begin shopping early and shop online as often as possible.  (I am a big fan of shopping at little local shops as well, but that is a post for another day.) I discovered however, that sometimes I forget what I ordered or when or from where.  This page helps me to keep track of all of those packages. You can access the Gifts Ordered page here.  

Of course, keeping track of gifts ordered should go hand-in-hand with a gift list. If I do not list people that I wish to get a gift for, then I inevitably forget someone and end up running to the mall at the last minute.  Listing recipients with notes about gift ideas tends to help me with planning.  The Christmas Gift list is here.

Keeping a list of Christmas card recipients helps me to know how many cards to purchase and when I have sent them.  My address book is on my iPad (and in the Cloud wherever and whatever that is!) so I will probably not list addresses on this page. The card list is accessible here.  

I have a tendency to purchase stocking stuffers throughout the year. I then tuck them away and sometimes totally forget about them.  This page helps to remind me of what I have purchased along the way.  

One last page is for notes.  For example, this morning I hit a clearance sale at the local Hallmark store and bought next year's cards for my professional colleagues.  I made a note so that I will not buy them again in the fall. You can print the Notes page from here

I may also add a big envelope for Christmas receipts.  I will also take photographs of my decorations so that I can remember where everything goes next year.  I may just store those on the computer or if I am feeling particularly organized I may print them and put them in the notebook as well. 

I hope that this post is helpful to you.  If you have other ideas or if you cannot access the links, please let me know in the comments section below! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 



  1. You sound very much like me. I have a very similar system I use and it sure makes life more pleasant! Glad to know I'm not the only one, lol. Nice and organized. Cheers, and Happy New Year!


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