Happy Birthday Wreath Rehab

We are smack dab in the middle of birthday season again and our birthday wreath was looking pretty bad. It is a silly tradition in our house to put this decoration on the front door for every family birthday. It had to be saved!  So I started a rehab project and thought I would share a little "how-to" with you! 

-We needed to go from this

                                              to this-

I decided to recycle the old straw wreath form.  So I took all of the old balloons off using a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the florist pins out.  I unwrapped the floral wire holding on the bow and put it aside. It is still in good shape. 

To rebuild the wreath I used a little over 200 balloons and about 40 U-shaped floral pins (I found those at Michael's). I used a straw wreath form, but i imagine you could also use Styrofoam. 

I gathered two or three balloons and placed a pin around the middle of the group. 

The pin is pushed firmly into the wreath form.  

Continue adding little groups of balloons until the front and sides of the wreath are covered.  


You could cover the wreath form in ribbon to make it look neater on the back side.  

Attach your bow using floral wire.  Wrap a little more wire around the wreath (beneath the balloons) and shape into a circle to hang on your hook.  

There are a lot of neat ways this wreath could be customized. The balloons can be in certain colors to match a party color scheme or theme.  You could add party hats or party horns. Perhaps even the name or initials of the birthday boy or girl could be incorporated into the design.  

I wish I could share credit for the original inspiration of this wreath, but I made it several years ago, pre-Pinterest (at least for me!) and I have no idea where I got the instructions. 

Thank you for stopping by today! 



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