National Libraries Week!

April 10-16 has been designated as National Libraries Week! 

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Begun in 1958, National Libraries Week is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and observed in libraries across the country.  It is a time to celebrate the contributions that libraries and librarians have made to our communities and to encourage library use and support. For more information click here.

Libraries have always been special places for me.  I have always loved to read and even when I was a child a trip to the library was a special treat.  Even now I am never without a book to read and my budget could never expand sufficiently to be able to afford all of the books I read in any given year. (Nor could I ever find a space to store all of those books in my home!) A building where we can get books for free and then return them and get more books to read is my idea of a "happy place".  In addition to books, our library has DVDs, CDs and video games.  Wonderful opportunities to experience new things and open and available to everyone. 

When my daughters were younger the library was a happy place for them as well.  We went to weekly Story Times and various events celebrating reading.  They later volunteered at the library assisting other children with their book selections and with various other programs and committees. My oldest daughter just found out that she was admitted to grad school and will be studying to become a librarian! I know first hand how libraries can transform and shape a child. 

Another wonderful aspect of "libraries" is one that I am only now just discovering.  Have you heard of "Little Free Libraries"? 

This "Little Free Library" showed up at the end of a cul-de-sac in my neighborhood recently and I was intrigued by the concept.  Inside are books that you can take home.  All that is asked is that you return those books, or contribute others, so that the library stays stocked for the neighborhood to share in the joy of reading.  This is a world-wide movement begun in 2009 by a man who built a model of a schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother who loved to read. He put it on a post in his front yard and filled it with books.  His neighbors loved it and he kept building them and giving them away.  The concept grew from there.  You can read more about "Little Free Libraries" here and you can find one near you here

So what am I doing to "celebrate" National Libraries Week? I am taking my students on a "tour" of our new library on campus.  The library is a joint venture with the city where our campus is located.  Not only will my students see texts that will assist them with their studies and in their future profession, but they will also "tour" the worldwide resources that are available to them through their library's website.  I am also going to check out a bag full of new novels to read over the next week!

And then I am going to say a great big "Thank you!" to the librarians who help make it all possible! 

So Happy National Libraries Week to you! I hope that you get chance to visit your local library and find a fascinating book to read this week! 

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